Video can help you figure it out, but your video needs to be in the right place to get results. According to our latest survey, YouTube and Facebook reports emerge as two of the types of places that should be in 2020.

For today’s consumers, YouTube is the number one platform to discover new brands and explore new products and services. Similarly, Facebook News views growth as a trusted platform for marketers to learn about products, communicate with brands, and buy online.

With the ever-changing media landscape, it is important that the type of market has a system that customers choose, as well as where marketers use video. To help entrepreneurs do just that, we immersed ourselves in our Public Advertising Program: Understanding Marketers for 2020.

Are you curious about what we saw? Here are some key points:

• 73% of marketers have uploaded 2 or more videos to YouTube in the last month.

• Facebook accounts are ranked as one of the top 3 ways to watch videos by genre.

• 59 percent of marketers surveyed have run YouTube video ads in the past 12 months.

• 72% of marketers post content with Facebook accounts once a week or more.

For information and more tips on how your brand could move forward in 2020, check out the infographic below.