The traditional media industry has taken a huge hit over the past few years. Since the boom of online media and social media, newspapers have been replaced by online news sites, printed books have been replaced by Kindles and e-readers, and video rental stores have been replaced by Rebo

Newspapers continue to decline due to the loss of readers and media revenues that have moved to other media, especially digital New york Times is also very popular online. Although the decline has continued over the years, infectious diseases and the economy have had an impact on several media such as campaigns, films, and the promotion of community events. These groups reduce their marketing budgets, which results in a decrease in their advertising revenue.

Using industry sources, the Pew Research Center and the annual State of the News report cover the latest newsletters. In 2020, weekly media coverage was 24.3 million (digital print) and Sunday newspaper 25.8 million, down 6% annually. By contrast, in 1990, weekly newspaper coverage was 63.2 million and Sunday newspaper coverage was 62.6 million. Since then, inflation has continued to decline, dropping sharply in 2020. As subscription and news prices pick up, Pew estimates that 2020 inflation revenue will be $11.1 billion, similar to last year.