Safe! We are pleased to present a special issue of Global Media in a Chinese language newspaper entitled “Advertising and Entertainment: The World in China”. This unique publication offers contributions from scholars and experts from around the world with experience in traditional and media studies, media studies, digital media, law, economics, innovation and business, and the creative industries.

The inspiration for this special edition began by reading “Spotlight in China: Building a Way for Success in Media and Entertainment” and “China – Leading the Race in Digital Media Finance in Asia Pacific,” wrote Pricewaterhouse Cooper. These figures show that the media and entertainment industry in China has grown rapidly in recent years. It is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 8.8% over the next five years, more than double the global average, which is forecast to grow at a 4.4% rate. This is the purchasing power of the rising middle class, which currently stands at over 770 million. In 2016, China overtook Japan as the largest M&E market in the Asia Pacific region and the second-largest in the world after the United States alone.

Growth of entertainment and media in China

The Chinese government is aware of this system and is seeking to pursue and expand it. In its second 15-year plan (2011-2015) China announced its intention to create a “cultural sector”, including the M&E industry, a powerful growth engine for its economy. Under the plan, China’s culture department covers internet access, online advertising, television subscriptions, and licensing fees, film entertainment, newspaper publishing, and music.

The U.S. Department of Commerce (ITA) foreign business portfolio, and its understanding of U.S. M&E companies, focus on the music, music, video, and video publishing industries, and global digital systems that “connect U.S. and U.S. M&E companies as respected leaders in creative and cultural distribution.” US M&E companies are the world’s largest companies and expect to reach $771 billion in 2019; China’s M&E sector is on track to reach $242 billion in 2019.

This special issue features six articles and reviews from two blind colleagues describing the power of traditional Chinese media and entertainment, the spirit of China’s intellectual property rights and individual rights, the global film industry, the collaborative film in China and the US, “China’s digital music”. and the growing service of the Chinese as a producer of M&E content.