For athletes, working in the sports industry can be a dream job. Anyway, not that kind of dream should be the same.

There are many career paths in dance, from becoming a game developer to working on user experience (UX) and even starting your own game company.

Sound ambitious? Maybe, but that’s what Louise Leolin did.

Leolin is the founder of DinoByte Labs, a London-based independent sports startup, along with her teammate Christian Local. She said: “I usually say that I am a first-team player and a second-team developer, so this has really made a difference for the DinoByte lab.”

Leolin has a background in UX who always puts her mind first in creating the best gaming experience for gamers. As a small company, Leolin was involved in everything from game design to sound engineering.

Having been a professional wrestler since she was four years old, a sports career seems to be a natural choice for Leolin, but the business is also booming with her family. “My mother started her own business when I was a child. Watching her grow up was a huge inspiration to me, so she knew she couldn’t just consider the traditional way of doing things.”

With the sports industry changing rapidly, it is not surprising that Leolin’s sports career must adapt to the changing world around him. “When I was a kid, games were kind of beautiful, today is the main thing. Especially on smartphones these days, almost everyone is a gamer, even if they don’t understand it,” she said.

“Our industry is growing rapidly. This great need means that our employees are growing and changing, especially in the last five years.”