What is cloud gaming?

Because of the cloud computing power, video games allow games to be run on remote servers where they are instantly streamed to users’ devices. As a result, a high level of computing power is raised from your device to the cloud. In other words, it means you don’t need the latest hardware to enjoy the best games.

“Multimedia content is distributed over the network from the server to the user. This service requires low latency and high bandwidth to work effectively, as well as slow response time for high definition video”, says a book on network analysis of cloud games. There are several types of cloud games that work; while some work monthly for full access to the sports library, others are in the same game. Companies have their own way of working and using the network.

Gaming, and some projections

Although cloud gaming is currently a small part of the video game industry, its scope can be enormous. Today, video games reach 2.8 billion people worldwide and the number is expected to exceed 3 billion by 2023. According to a report by the Software Association (ESA), 64% of adults in the United States play video games full-time. The video game industry expects sales of $ 189.3 billion by 2021. According to another estimate, the global sports market is expected to reach $ 256.97 billion by 2025.