The Olympics seem to have stopped, but here we are, 100 days before the next one.

Beijing Olympics 2022 will start on February 4 with more than two weeks of snow and ice practice to follow and Team GB is expected to provide a team of 57 people in 17 training sessions.

Great Britain has won five medals in the last two editions of the Winter Olympics, but the team will be looking to do better than that of Beijing, with Team leader Georgie Harland praising the “sweet” team ready to attack the big house. . mature.

“I was an athlete myself, so I was the last person to start putting coins on people’s voices, especially in the form of winter sports,” the former Athenian painter, who won medals in Athens in the United States, told theentertainment. 2004. “We all know it’s a small amount that makes it beautiful: the threat is high.

“We have a great team of players. We may not be a natural mountain town, but we tend to beat our weight, so that’s interesting.

“What we have is the power of deep play. The pool is getting bigger and we are training more than before.

“This is very important to us. Not only do we go to two events, two pieces of training. We want to be able to go deep to take over the country.”

What’s new?

Beijing will be the first country in Olympic history to host summer and winter competitions, hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Many of the last 14 summer sports facilities will be reused next year, including the Bird’s Nest stadium, but several sports, including alpine skiing, sledding, and skeleton, will take place in a remote mountainous area of Beijing.

All over the place for the Olympics, organizers said it would be completely remodeled.

Seven new events were added to the Winter Olympics for Beijing, to increase women’s participation in the Olympics and raise the interest of young people.

New activities include a female bonobo and extreme aerial skiing (male and female), as well as a group event accompanied by a small color skating rink, ski jumping, food skiing, and snowboard cross.

As a result, there will be more female athletes (45.44% of participants) at the Beijing women’s event than in the last Winter Olympics.

For ice hockey, NHL players will be able to participate again, when they are not in Pyeongchang 2018.

Haiti will first start at the Winter Olympics with an established center in men’s skiing, but North Korea has been banned from the sport as the IOC suspended its committee until late 2022 due to lack of competition in Tokyo’s heat.

If a North Korean athlete is mature, the IOC will make the “right decision”, which means they are allowed to participate under a neutral flag.

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GreatBritan a hope

The UK Games have not yet won a medal for Beijing, but they have not chosen to set government targets for the Tokyo Games in the summer due to the impact of infectious diseases on athletes. Instead, it brings out a lot of rewards.

But GB Snowsport, an organization specializing in skiing and snowboarding, has aimed between three and seven Olympic titles.

Gracenote Nielsen’s data center managed to compile the prize table and win three prizes for England, with two fourth and third-place finishes in the top eight.

They hope to win prizes by combining curling (gold) and curling (silver) and jewelry mixes for cross-country ski star Charlotte Bankes, born in England but competing for France until 2018.

Izzy Atkin, the 2018 deer bronze medalist, won the first GB title in skiing and will compete for the award, alongside fellow skier James Woods.

Olympic freestyle ski champion Gus Kenworthy previously represented the United States but changed to represent Britain to a British-born mother in his latest sport of hers.

Snow harpist Katie Ormerod broke her heels on Olympics night in Pyeongchang four years ago, but she’s back more than ever and is an athlete, focusing on alpine runner Dave Ryding, who will compete in his fourth Olympics.     

Along the slopes, England will seek to continue the record, winning skeleton medals in all competitions since reclaiming it in 2002.

GB has won gold in the program in their last three games. Laura Deas won bronze at Pyeongchang, but can she improve this season? Marcus Wyatt recently won a silver medal in the Beijing test program on their way to running in February, as did Brad Hall and Greg Cackett in the bobsleigh duo.

In 2012 longtime London champion Greg Rutherford hopes to use four men to kick off the Winter Olympics.

The First GB team for Beijing announced

What effect will the anti-Covid-19 have on the Game?

Beijing 2022 will be another match played under the auspices of Covid-19.

Athletes without adequate immunization against the coronavirus will be required to participate in the ban 21 days after they arrive in Beijing, and tickets will only be sold to “special Chinese spectators living in China” who follow the precautionary procedures.

Vaccinated athletes will be able to move between playgrounds only for training, competition, and work, and all participants in the sport will work in a closed control system and test it every day.

Harland told that “many” of the players on GB’s long list had been fully vaccinated and there was no cause of an athlete not wanting to be beaten.

He said: “I am sure that we will use a fully immunized team to go into the game.”

What are the other concerns?

The IOC has been widely criticized for its decision to grant China the 2022 Olympics, with more than 180 people calling on the government to block the Beijing Games over alleged human rights abuses against the country’s ethnic minorities.

Rights groups say the Chinese government has removed religion and other freedoms from the Uyghurs – a minority Muslim group living in China’s northwestern province of Xinjiang – and ended a regime that repressed much surveillance, detention, training, and even law enforcement.

China has denied allegations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, but the World Uyghur Congress has described next year’s sport as the “Olympic Genocide”. Earlier this month, IOC vice president John Coates said he would not force China to register its human rights record because it was not mandated by the ruling party.

There are also concerns about air pollution in Beijing. An academic study, shared with us earlier this year, said athletes participating in the Winter Olympics could be exposed to air pollution.

The report looked at air quality data from the last five years for February – when the match was played – and found that the bad weather was about 15 days long, lasting 9.5 days.

The IOC said it was working with local authorities to resolve the issue.