Even in a stupid country like India, the Olympics have a special interest in the hearts of their fans.

Mustafa Ghouse, president of JSW Sports, speaks at the Olympics from the point of view of the fan as the “ornament” of linking the sport. “Our marketing strategy and vision are not only for the next Olympics. We have been working around this year. For example, the concept of ‘Rukhna Nahi Hai’ before Rio 2016 and is part of our entire communication and marketing strategy time, “he said. Boxing, wrestling, judo, sports, we also work with runners. The choice depends on many factors: talent pool, ability to succeed, etc.”

Abhishek Madhavan, vice president of MPL’s vice president for growth and business, said the “Fan Bann Jaaoge” campaign was a clear call for the whole country to come together as one. “We have worked with creators like Humans of Bombay to tell the story of our champions; working hard and sacrificing those who shaped their quests for greatness,” he says. The program will feature Tokyo 2020 series gold medalist Mirabai Chanu, hockey captain Rani Rampal, goalkeeper Deepika Kumari, Lalremsiami hockey player, fencer Bhavani Devi, and footballer Tajinder Singh Toor.

MPL, which also supports the Indian team, said that their goal is more than just the Tokyo game and that they want to improve the game for all Indians. “We aim to build a democracy. Together with the IOA, we hope to develop and promote sports, both physical and digital, across India. We want to use the Olympics as a vehicle to raise awareness of athletes who have passed the limits of their sport and they have achieved something important, “added Madhavan.

INOX Entertainment also supports Indian teams in Tokyo. President Alok Tandon says: “Associations and events, like the Olympics, are not only a showcase or promotion but also a tribute to the mountain. Sporting events have become a great marketing platform for their audience. But when it comes to the Olympics, the whole country looks at the athletes and encourages them to do so, which makes the event and its promotion very exciting. “

Arriving in style

Raymond’s business has been linked to the IOA for the past four years and he has also been a model partner for the Indian team at the Asian Games in the Commonwealth. “Unlike other sports, where athletes play for money, the Olympics are about conquering cities. As a result, national pride is also used in organizing national organizations,” said Ganeshkumar, the company’s chief operating officer.

Our short term is to build a simple story around the game, showing not only their passion but also how high the sentiment was when they adorned themselves with Indian and Olympic symbols purple”.

Namrata Parekh, founder, and CEO of Meraki Sport and Recreation says that each Olympiad is a success in terms of enthusiasm and interest from the brand. “Anyway, the thematic association, which starts a few weeks before this game, is not as good as the long process. So we advise our clients to know who will be playing and to think a lot that will help them understand the story.”

Choosing a face

Long-term partnerships can also include a maturity gift program or a marker added to the contract, which acts as an incentive for athletes, allowing the brand to be safe if they play unskilled sports. These do not last more than 6 to 12 months” explained Parekh.

Brands are interested in registering athletes based on their abilities and may consider how an athlete or her story can be included in their campaign. So whether to support a starter or an athlete who has a game depends on the intentions of the brand, “added Parekh.

The serious illness can delay the Olympics by a year, but it does not necessarily affect the value of the best athletes. Parekh said: “We have more partners and partners in India today than in 2016.” In Rio, there are 12 brands affiliated with IOA, which has risen to 25 for Tokyo.

Additionally, JSW Sports and Edelweiss said they have increased their spending since 2016.

Long-term commitment

Abhishek Gupta, CMO, Edelweiss Tokyo Insurance Life, said they have a long-term relationship with athletes. We concluded this through a long-term partnership with the IOA to support our athletes at the National Games, the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the 2018 Asian Games, and the 2020 Games, ”she said.

The company fell into OOH advertising last season. But this time, as listeners play games online, they have gone digital. “Digital has been our choice, but the past year has improved its potential. This time, our mandate for the creative industry is to define digital campaigns that interact with our partners more effectively. This is how we got to the #TonsOfWeight campaign. We hope to encourage audiences to get a book out of sportsbooks and ease the burden every day,” she added.

JSW Sports’ Ghouse reveals that they are the hosts of the entire Olympics, working closely with the Ministry of Sports, the Sports Administration of India, the National Federations, and the IOA. He added: “Our good news has put us in a good position, so we are excited to see it happen throughout the Olympics,” he added.