Online entertainment whether it is on your phone or your laptop or even your smart TV online entertainment is now just not entertainment but a necessity. There are many reasons for it but the main reason why streaming platforms gained popularity is COVID-19, yes you heard it right due to COVID the theaters closed down in many countries.

So where would new movies show up? The answer was online streaming platforms as anyways after the release of the movie these platforms would get the access to stream these movies to their paid subscribers. So why not let them get the privilege to launch these movies.

Also, many new and classic web series became the reason for the rapid growth of these streaming platforms. Now every year there is a competition of which platform is the most fan favorite. So our blog would help you not only in determining the best streaming platform but also guide to get the best streaming service for your needs.


1. Netflix

Undoubtedly the first place would go to Netflix, there are many reasons to give it the crown but mainly due to its original shows it took away the first place. Shows like Lucifer, Money Heist, Squid game are some of the fan favorites.

Also now Netflix has launched free mobile games, not only original content but the quality of content makes difference as Netflix has the best possible quality for almost all of its content, you can easily stream the shows in full HD also some shows are available in 4K.

Apart from this Netflix can be a good partner on your weekends but if you are looking for something to watch with your family I would suggest stay away from Netflix. Other than that what better you can get in $9.99 a month? Also if you are someone who has friends who don’t buy subscriptions you can get Netflix @$19.99 for you and your friends.

Amazon Prime Video

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video gained popularity almost 5 years after its launch in 2014 since amazon acquired LoveFilm, and after acquiring LoveFilm it started to give video content as part of its Prime Subscription and Renamed it from Amazon Prime to Amazon Prime Video.

And yes similar to Netflix, Amazon also gained most of its audience during Lockdown, There are more than 200 million happy amazon prime subscribers worldwide, this is enough for us to know it’s quite popular among people.

Now moving towards the prices Amazon Prime is not mainly just for a streaming platform if you use the Amazon app to order things online it is then a bonus for you doesn’t matter for which purpose you have bought your prime. Either you get a free streaming platform with your Prime for quick delivery or Quick delivery with your streaming platform.

Amazon prime costs you around $12.99 and your other perks are included in it, Prime also has another price range that is 8.99 this includes your Amazon prime video you can also share your account on 4 more screens without any extra charge. Also prime has some great family time movies so you can get your family time through Prime.

 Disney +

3. Disney +

This platform is quite new compared to its competitors is launched recently in 2019 but has gained a quite lot of popularity since its launch. The main reason for the growth is Marvel movies all the hit marvel movies are available here. 

Not only that to engage more Marvel fans this platform has its exclusive class of Marvel’s web series. And MArvel fans go crazy when it comes to their heroes. Other than this it is quite popular for its star wars movies range.

Disney+ is quite budget-friendly also its normal subscription costs you around $7.99 and the main reason to but it would be it has a variety of movies for kids. This can be your thing to get a Family entertainment package all included in one.

4. HBO Max

4. HBO Max

HBO has almost every American dream to watch and relax with a tub of Ice Cream, other than classic American stuff it now has Game of Thrones, Barry, and a heap more content this makes it a competitor of Netflix.

HBO mas isn’t doing that great when it comes to Prices AD free subscription starts at $14.99 and $9.99 for content with Advertisements this is a big drawback when it comes to HBO max other than that the content streamed here is quite good.

So finally if you really want to watch the content broadcast on HBO then you should go for it other than that I would suggest that instead of spending money on HBO max you could rather get a Netflix or a Prime subscription at that cost.

 Peacock tv

5. Peacock

First of all, Peacock provides free-to-watch content on its basic free plan that includes more than 7500 hours of movies and free content. Also has some of the classic American exclusives in its plan.

If you want a free entertainment source then Peacock tv is for you, other than that Peacock doesn’t have anything much to impress. So if you want to just go back in time and enjoy some classics then you need Peacock T.V.


Other than these Streaming platforms there are also other apps like HULU, Apple tv Sling tv, and more all with their specialties. But they couldn’t make it into our list today cause of not any special fan favorite content.

But maybe in the future, they might come across our list, till then the platforms which we showed in our blog would be good to fill your hunger for entertainment. But wait let’s not end this here let us know in the comments what else we could have added to our list and if we missed some details about your favorite platform.