Games subscription sales

Starting Tuesday, the company will release an update to the Netflix app on Android smartphones, featuring games that are available for download.

For starters, there is five mobile game included for Netflix subscribers.

The company promises to deliver other things: no in-game ads and no app purchases as is common with other mobile game.

Of the five games released in the project, two are related to the most popular Stranger system:

• Visitors: 1984

• Third thing: Games

• Card blast

• Don’t be cute

• Aim to chat

“While this is just the beginning of a long journey, we are happy to offer a different gaming experience to what is available today: unique mobile games with no ads, no in-app deposits, including your subscription. Netflix,” the company said.

While the first game had a simple plot and normal gameplay, Netflix says it’s in its early stages but plans to eventually make a game “for all types of games”.

“Whether you want a casual game you can start with soap or a hands-on experience that gets you into your favorite story, we wanted to start creating a game library that has something for everyone,” he said. Verdu, head of a sports development company.

Mr. Verdu was a senior hired for Netflix, working on major EA games and later on Facebook, where he worked on promotions and virtual reality.

apple on the road

This week’s release is for Android phones and tablets only. Netflix says the game will arrive on iOS devices “in the next few months”.

Apple has previously opposed attempts by other companies to “put the store in the store”, especially in the gaming realm.

When Microsoft launched its Game Pass promotional campaign in 2020, Apple blocked the app from appearing on the iPhone App Store, arguing that the 100 games included had to be listed in each store. Microsoft then based its recommendations on Apple’s Safari browser.

Netflix didn’t say it faced a similar problem with Netflix games, saying Android would take the lead as launches were still “in their infancy”.

Despite the delay in reaching Apple subscribers, Microsoft is still the biggest player in the gaming subscription market to this day.

Their Xbox Game Pass service covers a wide variety of Microsoft game companies on the day they sell, most of which can be played on Xbox, PC games, or online streaming on phones and tablets.

Thousands of customers are expected to pay between £7.99 and £10.99 per month, depending on their identity.