When Lionel Messi’s £ 150,000 jersey was sold on the Paris St-Germain website on the day his signing was announced, they were not visible within seven minutes.

PSG was the first here when Neymar signed a contract some four years earlier, but it can be said that they were surprised at how much fun he had with the Argentine legend.

However, for the man himself, this is a visual experience. He joined Barcelona as a 13-year-old. Now 34, he and his young family are making a difference to a new life in the city he visited last December 2019, when he was invited to his sixth Ballon d’Or record.

Since he arrived in France in August, everyone at PSG has made great efforts to welcome him. A team meeting is taking place at Ander Herrera’s home, where the player has a bakery to celebrate his birthday, and Messi has felt supportive in the locker room since he arrived.

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos also welcomed Messi’s long-term goal in Spain, before signing, with Angel di Maria, Neymar, and Leandro Paredes discussing the signing.

Neymar also gave the number 10, which Messi turned down, and chose the number 30 that he spent as a teenager for his first time for Barça.

He was stunned by the welcome was given to Kylian Mbappe – a fluent Spanish speaker – and team comedian Marco Verratti.

Messi’s good relationship with PSG president Mauricio Pochettino has always been another reason for his move. They understood each other, spoke the same language literally and figuratively, and talked on the phone as soon as it was said that Messi would leave Barcelona. Their relationship somehow returned.

On the first day of PSG training, Sebastiano Pochettino, the manager’s son, showed Messi some equipment. Messi seems to be in torment, especially as he enjoys the news that the last child he saw running around the house in Barcelona as a child was a man who suggested a training program. Second, there is no certainty what the equipment will be used for. Yes, he saw it in Barcelona but didn’t ask him to use it.

This is another example of a change for Messi, but off the pitch, much is already known. Since his first game, in which he won 2-0 at Reims on 29 August, PSG has played as a team built around him. When attacking, they first look for diagonal rotations from the right flank, working on short passes before the final run in the attack.

Neymar is very happy to change himself again with his fingers, playing to the left as he did to Messi and Barcelona,   not in the middle of the show, like at PSG for CEO.

Against Manchester City in the Champions League last week, however, it went differently. PSG quickly realized they couldn’t have the ball, so they stepped back and tried to fight back. They do this very well, but if you play this way you get a little something out of Messi.

They are expected to be the team that plays the ball in most of the matches. But there may be another problem with this: such a model favors Messi and Neymar over Mbappe, as the Frenchman needs opportunities to run. It is a force that can make Pochettino difficult to balance.

The three front runners will work hard for safety and security. There is an example in the first-team play that shows the idea of a split in the second half, where the three-star attacking team ends their relationship with the other team.

They were a complete flop at the weekend, losing 2-0 to Rennes in their first win of the season – and never backed down. They have won the last eight Ligue 1 games in a bid to reclaim the title that Lille won last season.

A few weeks earlier, there had been a lot of talk about who would replace Messi in his first home game, in the 2-1 win over Lyon on 20 September. But the news of ‘surprise’ and ‘confusion’ has been replaced. in the distance.

While it was clear that Messi wanted to play every minute of every game, Pochettino decided to step down because he knew he wasn’t comfortable on his knees. The manager suspects something is wrong but it is clear his motives are right as Messi takes other actions in the next two days.

There is no doubt about Messi’s involvement with the team. But if you need proof, then, after scoring the beautiful 74th goal to seal the 2-0 over Manchester City, he plays the role of “excluding the plan” on the defensive wall. When Captain Marquinhos asked him (a job that Verratti often does) he didn’t think twice.

Here is another example of a world jumping up and down to misunderstand Messi’s position. While top former players tend to insult his name and insult him with great players, Messi himself sees it as something to do with his teammates.

Aside from the defeat at Rennes, Messi’s only problem is now on the pitch.

The details of his contract and the disclosure of his salary in the French newspaper L’Equipe were very impressed by Argentina. In Spain, his salary lasted several years and in France, it took less than two months, although this report is inaccurate.

Also, it is a fun soap opera that started with Messi’s family looking for a home in Paris. Local reporters often interview sellers and real estate experts asking what kind of housing they would like to buy.

In Spain, he is often associated with football and the privacy of his family is respected in the most famous place where he lives.

In France, it seems to be a different and dissatisfied story of unity, mainly because it could pose a security threat.

It was not worth staying with his family in the hotel – although it was very tasty and spacious – although it should be noted that Pochettino always does the same.

A family’s ultimate goal is to fix it as soon as possible, although that’s easier said than done because many properties in Paris cannot provide a large garden and live outside their home in Castelldefels on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Now they walk for a while in the park near their hotel and the guards are always with them. But the search for a home is over, with Messi’s wife Antonela trying to put everything back in place.

It is impossible to elevate her role, not only as a companion to her children’s mother, but also as a good and confident friend and, in situations like this, it is important to make sure that everything is fine and that she is as good as possible.

Messi met Antonela Roccuzzo, originally from Rosario, when she was just five years old. She is the grandson of her younger brother Lucas Scaglia, who is also a footballer.

The couple has been together since 2008, unable to separate. Earlier, Messi said the hardest thing in deciding to come to Paris was first telling his wife and then his kids about his move.

But in Antonela he had her stone, a strong pillar that kept the family strong and stable. It was a great idea to move here without the full support of his partner and his children.

Antonella could recognize this by recognizing the idea that “fruit doesn’t fall far from the trees”, Messi’s two eldest sons and the PSG youth team. She also invites the children to school and spends time on a variety of self-help activities: support, support, and self-help, as well as working on social media.

When the family looks out the hotel window, he will be able to see some of the many fans who have gathered there, although the first wave has calmed the pitch to make it more usable. the violence has now been removed from the port.

But “Messimania” no longer shows signs of decline in Paris. When I walked into the club shop to buy PSG PSG jerseys at home or away on the day of the match against Manchester City, they were sold out.

Given his goal in the game – as well as the promise of many others to come – we have to run well.