Blockchain technology in the gaming industry is the victory of the digital world. New ways to pay for things, new ways to invest and encourage developers around the world. But did you know that it also finds space in the sports industry? Many blockchain gaming have appeared in recent years. Read on to learn about some of the favorite blockchain project games in the cryptocurrency industry.


Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are familiar with the game that collects the famous cat, CryptoKitties. This cute animal is a long way from its predecessors like Neopets and Nintendogs, but cryptocurrency lovers love it. They are so in demand that they fill the entire Ethereum network. This happens because you want to buy an Ethereum (ETH) cat’s eye bug. Once you have enough ETH to buy your digital friend and pay the gas bill, you can buy your cat.

Of course, collecting beautiful animals isn’t enough for most athletes. This is where parenting comes in. By breeding your cat, you will have the opportunity to purchase valuable superstitions, which you can sell on the market to collectors. Although most cats are not very useful, CryptoKitty is the most profitable up to 600 ETH. At the time of purchase, it was worth $170,000!


Decentraland is one of the most influential blockchain games on the market, with a flexible approach to accessing tokenomics. The popular virtual reality game, called the Ethereum blockchain, focuses on buying and configuring 3D spaces represented by non-LAND assets. To process the soil, you must first purchase it at the ERC-20 Decentraland brand that can be purchased, MANA.

What makes Decentraland unique is that the earth can be completely organized. Each LAND part, divided into a section called a package, can be modified into an interaction area of ​​the choice of the LAND owner. Some players turn their land into a game. Some are moving the iconic icon. Some go with other athletes to create what is known as the District, a city where most of the LAND regions have a similar theme or activity. In the future, we can even expect access to Decentraland from our mobile devices with VR headsets.

Do you want to land? You will need some MANA first. To catch up, shop, and follow MANA, visit


Collecting, developing, and fighting digital monsters has been very popular since the 1990s, Ethermon has added something else – blockchain technology. Like Pokémon, Ethermon allows players to collect a large number of unique monsters in their way. From matchless beauty, to big and strong, Ethermon is there to please everyone. Once you find your Ethermon, you can meet other “Mons” and go to gaming war!

The benefits of the game are visible on the website itself, as well as on the ability to access the ERC-20 gaming label, EMOT. EMONT has a maximum score of 20 million, and the sooner you get into the game, the more emoTs you can do for me. Ultimately, MONT will be the only money in the game, so join in and earn your money when you can.

Crypto Space Commander       

The Crypto Space Commander, or CSC, is an MMO box positioned in space. The player works for the Galactic Federation commander and the player’s task is to start giving ships to his ship. The Milky Way is incredible and Crypto Space Commander is emulating it by providing more than 900 star systems to explore.

If that’s not enough to prove it, you may want encryption. Tokenmics plays a very important role in the game, as Crypto Space Commander focuses on the Play-to-Own economy. Using the Ethereum blockchain, peer-to-peer (P2P) agreements can be implemented, giving players a unique experience and control over the economy of their time. Also, when you find something useful, you are in complete control of the treasure, not just in the game. Without the use of Ethereum’s smart contracts, this would not be possible.

Project Genesis

Looking for some practice and mystery? Project Genesis provides that. This sci-fi name sends players into a deep and dangerous space full of enemies and difficult questions to answer. Appropriately, players must investigate what happened to their Capital Class ship, their SATOSHI, to help get her back on her way.

The game, sponsored by the Ethereum blockchain, is heavily influenced by the Metaverse of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, a world featured in popular films like Ready Player One and The Matrix. This concept of a digital universe has been discontinued in various ways, but apart from blockchain technology, it is both a new concept and an old concept.

Using Ethereum, developers create and store digital assets that players can carry in their wallets. Blockchain technology has also inspired a lot in the game. SATOSHI, the aforementioned Capital Class ship, is named after Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

Spells of Genesis

If you like fantasy card games like Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, you’ll love Spells of Genesis. The gaming derives functionality from traditional business card games, including card collection and house planning.

Having the cards in the player’s deck displayed on the blockchain via BitCrystals (BCY). This means that each player can take and transfer their cards outside of the game individually. This means that the cards you collect are yours, just as you would if they were stored in a box or album. Unlike most modern games, you can use your cards in other support games, giving you maximum access to the digital gaming equipment you already own.

The Sandbox

Sandbox has been operating since 2015, but it wasn’t until August 2018 that it allowed Animoca, which is based on the idea of ​​investing in the blockchain economy. It is called Sandbox because it is the best sandbox gaming, which gives players the ability to create whatever they want using a lot of resources. First, the lack of blockchain resources has received various reviews on the gaming platform, Steam, but we have yet to see what is to come.

In addition to blockchain technology, players will be able to share and track their creations via non-exchangeable tokens, making it even more attractive to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So far, it’s working to behold, but we know they are diligent!

My Crypto Heroes   

Is Crypto World your place? My Crypto Hero will take you there. This sanctuary is a thinking space for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are inspired by cryptocurrencies and how they work. For example, missions take place at “nodes” and heroes are given “secret powers” to gain experience.

To buy cryptocurrency or power, players must use GUM currency or Gaming Money. While GUM is not an icon you can find on the blockchain, it can only be purchased on Ethereum, connecting the game to the ever-growing crypto community.

The future of the gaming

What are the prospects for blockchain-based games? Tell us about your favorite gaming that combines crypto and blockchain technology with gaming in detail below.