US singer Travis Scott is facing a string of lawsuits after 8 people were killed and over a 100 people were injured in a stampede at his concert at Astroworld Texas.

An injured musician accused Scott and actor Drake of cheering on the crowd and demanded $ 1 million (£ 741,000) in damages.

They haven’t commented on the case yet.

Scott said he wanted to help the family, the youngest of which was only 14.

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The operation began around 9:15 am local time on Friday (Saturday 2:15 GMT), when panic erupted as crowds continued to thrive here during Scott’s headlines.

Lucas Naccarati said he was “certain that people would die within three minutes of the rapper’s staging.

“You can’t move, you can’t shake your face, [it’s] hard,” he said.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he met Scott and his security chief “moments” before the incident raised safety concerns.

Police in the state of Texas has initiated an investigation into the incident and are looking for reports that one of the listeners injected people.

Many athletes will be resurrected through the use of antidepressants, including a police security officer who claimed he had a gunshot wound to his neck.

Local police declined to comment on the investigation.

In an unrelated press conference on Monday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the company was providing “technical assistance”.

What did the case say?

On Monday, Houston attorney Tony Buzbee announced that his company is suing 35 plaintiffs for “gross negligence” that caused the tragedy.

Buzbee said the lawsuit against Scott and the promoters and event management events, including Live Nation’s headquarters and entertainment center, was aimed at failing to implement security and emergency response systems.

His company is seeking a temporary restraining order that would force Scott and any appointed law firms to retain evidence, including texts and other communications about the program.

Buzbee’s representatives included the family of Axel Acosta, a 21-year-old man from Washington state who died in the riots.

“When [Axel] fell, the players tried to get rid of their hatred as they stepped on his body like a piece of grass,” Buzbee said at a press conference near Acosta’s family.

Another lawsuit filed by 23-year-old Kristian Paredes accuses Scott and Drake of inciting “chaos and violence,” but says the company and entertainment Live Nation do not provide adequate safety and health services.

The lawyers, demanding $ 1 million in damages, said Paredes had “immediate consequences” in front of the general admissions department, before “the crowd got chaotic and riots erupted.”

He said, “Many beggars who hired Live Nation Entertainment were hired to seek help, but they were ignored.”

Paredes is described as someone who has been seriously injured.

Scott, music promoter of Live Nation and Score more, is called upon in another lawsuit for $ 1 million in damages for Manuel Souza. It is shown that Souza was seriously injured when an uncontrolled mob threw him to the ground and toppled him.

Live Nation has not yet commented on the case but said it was working to provide local authorities with as much information and assistance as possible so they can be investigated.