Rapper Travis Scott said he was saddened by the deaths and injuries at the Astroworld ceremony and pledged his “full support” to the police.

At least eight people were killed and many more injured when a crowd marched on the opening night of a music program in Houston, Texas.

“My prayers go out to the families of all those affected,” Travis Scott said in a Twitter statement.

“What happened last night made me very sad,” he said.

Rescuers described how panic broke out when the crowd began to line up in front of the concert hall with the rapper’s story set on Friday night.

When the riot began to injure people, it was feared that first-aid workers would evacuate the scene, officials said.

Eleven people were hospitalized for congestive heart failure and eight of them died. About 300 people were treated on Friday for injuries such as cuts and measles.

In his first statement since the tragedy, the rapper thanked police and rescuers and said he believes he “is working with Houston residents to heal and support families in need.”

About 50,000 people attended the two-day outdoor event, which has now been canceled.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Travis Scott repeatedly quit during his career when he saw fans suffer in front of the stage.

Travis Scott asked the guards to help them get out of the crowd. Emergency vehicles, fire, and flashing lights are loaded multiple times in the crowd, the newspaper said.

An amateur video from the film shows his crew jumping into emergency vehicles in the crowd as the operation continues on stage.

A gathering place has been set up at the Wyndham Hotel Houston for families who have not yet heard from loved ones at the event.

Astroworld is an annual program that has been taking place in NRG Park since 2018, although it was canceled last year due to the Covid-19 virus.

Travis Scott, 29, made great strides in 2013 by winning eight Grammy Award nominations. He has a son with the famous Kylie Jenner, who attended the concert.

Other events at the festival over the weekend include rapper Chief Keef at 21 Savage and Australian rock artist Tame Impala.

The idea of   being an interpreter is deadly

The night is not to be missed. Currently, traffic around Astroworld Park remains closed and the site is almost empty except for the presence of personnel and police.

Edward, a 25-year-old Houston native and longtime supporter of Travis Scott, attended the ceremony on Friday, in addition to the two previous Astroworld festivals.

Travis Scott says he was in the crowd when things went wrong. As the operation worsens within minutes, the director attempts to escape, move and shoot.

He said, “I had a girlfriend of my own whom I captured and held in my arms all my life who loved her.” “I had to relieve him because she thought she was going to die.”

Edward said he made a safety ring around her arm so he could get energy. Perhaps this will take him away from the crowd and help him stay safe. As he left, he saw unconscious people around him, some of whom were receiving CPR.

Another attendee, Andy Pacheco, pleaded with actor Seanna Faith, asking for help, at the scene where a photographer was asking him to do something for the Sky People. You want the photographer to call the police or a doctor. But his requests for help were in vain.

Faith later wrote online that he was still running away from the “crowd” of people as the crowd grew.

She managed to break away from her friends and seek help from others.

People come to this festival to escape the truth and feel in the world of music. On Friday evenings, the idea of being alone becomes dead.