The magic of Randy Arozarena of October is back, and it’s also more amazing than ever.

Arozarena, a rookie outside the Tampa Bay Rays, made history Thursday by hitting home and stealing at home in Game 1 of their American League Division I game against the Boston Red Sox, kicking off the Rays defense with their American pennants. method.

He is the first player in history to steal home and make a home run in a single game. He was the first house thief in his screening game against Javy Baez of the Chicago Cubs in Game 1 of the 2016 National League Championship Series.

It was also his first home win in the playoffs since Jackie Robinson beat under Yogi Berra in Game 1 of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers-New York Yankees World Series.

It was a year ago when Arozarena hit ten home runs and killed 29 in 20 games, but last season’s record. He transferred the Rays to Game 6 of the World Series, where they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This year, they arrived as favorites to defend their AL title in Game 1 of the quest, winning 5-0, proving why.

Arozarena had an early advantage and scored two RBI goals from Wander Franco, their 20-year-old rookie. Nelson Cruz, DH, 40, meets the run-down house of the famous Tropicana Square.

But in fifth place, Arozarena jumped at 106 mph and 397 feet down the left-field to give the Rays a 4-0 lead. It was the eleventh round of his season, putting him just six homers from ten full-time shots — a remarkable result since Arozarena is, technically, still a 26-year-old rookie.

In race 1, he saved the best.

Arozarena finished seventh and took third thanks to a double RBI. Josh Taylor is summoned and the Southern Red Sox and Arozarena begin using the third power when Taylor goes to Brandon Lowe.

Taylor did something to show that he didn’t like Arozarena, probably because she was stupid. When Taylor came on for a 1-2 win over Lowe, Taylor’s goal turned in Arozarena, Cuba ran home and took several steps forward before Taylor realized what was happening.

Rays manager Kevin Cash said Thursday and Arozarena had been working with him for several weeks when he stole the building. At the 2020 World Series, teammate Manuel Margot was kicked out of the house after attempting this type of heist against left-handed Dodgers Clayton Kershaw, Margot admits to trying to steal it herself.

When Arozarena arrived at the three locations Thursday night and saw Taylor’s indifference, she said she gave the right warning, telling third-party president Rodney Linares, “I’m leaving, I’m leaving.”

Linares was still going to explain this to his boss.

“He asks me all the time, ‘Green, green, green – green,” says Cash Arozarena. “Finally, we gave it away.”

It was easy to shoot Taylor at home to catch Christian Vazquez with a slider in his face and measure the pace last night.

On Friday night, Shane Baz will follow in the footsteps of rookie teammate Shane McClanahan – who set a five-year unbeaten streak in Game 1 – and will help the Rays climb to the top of the playoffs. With the Red Sox behind the scenes having won a wild card game on Tuesday to enter the ALDS, this does form a clear path for the Rays to another world championship.

If they fail, all they have to do is enjoy the game all the time, because their guests are playing like crap.

cash said. “This game is a complete story. And every time you put your name into a domain like Randy, I’ve never seen anything like it.”