The best entertainment segment of the internet game is set to see big technological changes with the arrival of 5G. The technology, which is integrated with cloud gaming, has the potential to create a new market for high-level online gamers. According to a new report from Newzoo, a global sports media company, the global sports market reached $ 148.8 billion today. 46% of this gaming market goes to mobile gamers, generating $ 68.2 billion.

Internet prosperity: the gaming industry is experiencing a global boom

5G is ready to transform the global market segment. It can provide high-speed and wireless broadband connectivity for users of mobile phones and other mobile applications with Internet access. Not only the speed, but the introduction of multiple subscriptions to multiplayer games is also fast.

5G unlocks capabilities for mobile games to download at high speed. For example, Fortnite now has a limit of 100 players per session. With 5G, this rate could increase. Gamers like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, and PlayStation are starting to roll out GaaS (game-like services) and game promotions.

Similarly, competitive gaming experiences unprecedented excitement on the 5G network. Milan Sports Week saw the last Asphalt 9: Legends and PUBG game played on 5G Italy. This heralds the arrival of the 5G network in the e-sports sector. The built-in connection to HD video streaming connects the world of esports gamers and professionals.

The foreign gaming industry has seen the soccer system bring a dramatic change in the global mobile phone game market. The global mobile games market is expected to reach $ 165.9 billion in 2020. For the forecast period 2020-2025, the mobile games market is expected to register a CAGR of 14%.

Sports market

The global online gaming market is experiencing tremendous growth with the rise of cheaper phone numbers and data plans. By 2020, nearly 50% of video game revenue worldwide will come from mobile games. With the rise in mobile phone rates, the use of smartphones continues to expand rapidly around the world. To date, mobile gaming revenue will exceed $ 100 billion by 2023.

Large companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Sony, and Nokia are in the process of launching a large-scale games project to take over the cloud services sector. With 5G services and music, Microsoft and Sony also plan to launch a subscription service in the cloud, as well as develop advanced gaming comfort. Similarly, Amazon and Google are creating a great cloud-based service that works on many devices, including mobiles.

If we go to the national survey, in 2019, the sports market in India alone covers about 500 million smartphone users. As games become more and more sought after flying around the world, and the Indian sports industry is undergoing a rapid development process.

All these figures clearly show that the market capacity of the 5G domain is enormous. The best 5G experience can surpass the mobile experience and connectivity available to online gamers. Today’s service providers offering upgrades, packet viewers can now plan to gain access to revenue by accessing low-cost 5G services.

Cloud gaming: new progress

The proliferation of game consoles has paved the way for gamers to escape 3D reality, changing the way they play and the gaming experience. 5G cloud gaming can be successful with the right hardware and coverage. Businesses providing 5G services can ensure high business ROI as well as rapid growth rates to allow the gaming market to adapt.

Cloud gaming providers can think of new ways to create new types of engagement with players by offering games as services or GaaS over a robust 5G network. This will ensure that users can access their favorite games on any platform, on any device, anytime, anywhere. This will greatly help to remove technical barriers and reduce costs in different areas of the country.

Level Up

With 5G technology, mobile phones will become the preferred device of gamers, with convenience and low latency as success factors. Players will be able to access various premium mobile games, with HD streaming and longer game sessions. 5G can allow virtual reality gamers to play on various platforms and modes. What’s more, a convergence of 5G with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help improve and deliver an immersive gaming experience.