Written advice to parents and guardians who’s kids are at school warning of the dangers of “reinventing the game through Squid Game“.

South Korea’s Netflix is reporting debtors as they compete for big money in a deadly child game program.

Her support prompted Bedfordshire’s Central Board to send a message to parents about “violent” primary school students.

He was told to “be vigilant”, as the Guardian previously reported.

The email reads: “There are many disturbing stories about children and teens playing the game at school.

“Squid games are viewed across other platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, and given the popularity of the featured games, Squid developers have created a small game that stands apart from Roblox and other gaming platforms.”

The Netflix series is rated 15

The board email continued: “We encourage children not to watch Squid games.

Officials told that: “Last week our security team was alerted to the number of primary school children in one of our schools engaging in violence and sport. Adapting the game program Squid Game.