Netflix said it would change the phone number that appeared in its Squid Game series when a woman said the call was full on her phone.

In the bloody game in South Korea, rich competitors are invited to play numbers to participate in children’s games and death games for money. The lady said the number came into her phone so much that the demand for the game was huge. Squid Games will be one of the most-watched programs on Netflix.

A businesswoman from Seongju, in southeastern Korea, told local media that she had received thousands of messages and calls on her phone “to the point that it is difficult for me to live every day.” “This is a number I’ve used for over a decade, so it surprised me. I’ve deleted over 4,000 numbers on my phone,” he told Money Today.

“I didn’t know why at first but a friend of mine told me my number showed up on Squid Games and that’s when I got it.” He is said to have refused payments of up to five million won ($4,178, 0 3,073). Netflix did not comment on the rebate fees but convinced moviegoers to call the number.

“With the production company, we’re working to improve it, including editing the phone and phone number if needed,” Netflix said Wednesday. Launching on September 17th, Netflix claims to have reached #1 in 90 countries in just ten days. While this type of film is by no means new, its audience, recognizing the characters and disturbing nature has spoken to audiences around the world.