Liverpool and Manchester City had an argument over the yellow card.

Anfield. Liverpool Manchester City. Masters from the last four seasons that are only 11mm apart in 2018-19 and have one point so far this season. The result is 1: 1.

James Milner received a yellow card – replacing the injured Trent Alexander-Arnold as a right-back – when he set foot in the 74th minute and attacked Bernardo Silva.

Above all, however, referee Paul Tierney expected that he would reach back in his pocket to book the Reds individually and hunt with Red, which gave the visitors a one-man advantage.

Instead, Tierney whistles, admits the lie, speaks to Milner … but doesn’t show a card.

City chief Pep Guardiola steps aside and protests with fourth officer Mike Dean before quickly taking off his jacket.

Seconds later, Mohamed Salah sprinkles the Spanish pitch to face a series of urban challenges before taking home one of the Premier League’s big goals.

And to really end it for Guardiola, Tierney decides he’s having lots of protests against City Boss … and shows him a yellow card.

Kevin de Bruyne allayed some of his coach’s fears with a well-deserved draw, but Milner’s incident stayed in Guardiola’s memory of a time game after the final whistle.

“It’s a yellow card. It’s a yellow card. Obviously,” Guardiola told Sky Sport.

“But it’s Anfield, it’s Old Trafford. In this case a City player gets fired. Obviously. It was the second yellow card.”

“It was a yellow card, it was too obvious,” he said. “I know it’s not easy for the referees at Anfield and Old Trafford, there is a lot of pressure on everyone. Covid is very serious

“Football has to do with emotions, but it’s clearly a yellow card.”

And finally, during his post-game press conference, he talked about the importance of the moment.

“He has to show me the yellow card [to protest] but first he has to show Milner [the second],” he said.

“He’s so close in these games … he has to. That doesn’t mean you have to beat Liverpool at Anfield, but obviously he had to give James the second yellow card.”

When asked about the incident, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp took a sheet of paper from Arsene Wenger’s book.

“Pep was a little upset about that,” he told Sky Sports. “I didn’t see it, but I could clearly see Pep’s reaction. I wasn’t sure why he was doing this.

“Milly [Milner] played very well in the first half and these people are not easy to defend.”

Guardiola showed affection for Liverpool fans after Milner’s incident when they expressed their displeasure.

“The quality of service is deteriorating” – what you said …

Specifics: Man City fans will be furious after this game. The way Milner stayed is insane. Nothing these judges can say will make sense. We have the worst civil servants in Europe.

Andrew Mitchell: Pep has every right to talk about it. Milner’s foul was as cynical as possible, obviously it should have been a second yellow. Save this box under “Referee bottles”.

Alex Haworth: In almost every game I watch, the referee drops a second yellow.

Seth Gogo Egoeh: The service quality is getting worse and worse! How did Milner escape his second booking? It’s incredible! Are these the best arbitrators EPL can offer? Miserable!

Ed O’Toole: It was never a yellow card. Milner hit the ball with his left foot and a deranged Silva fell and pushed Henderson onto Milner’s outstretched leg. But Milner kicked the ball first!