Kylian Mbappe took on the controversial winner when France beat Spain from behind to become the only team to win the National League.

This was announced by MBA Mbappe returning home under Unai Simon after Karim Benzema’s equalizer at San Siro in Milan. Spain took over with Mikel Oyarzabal, who ignored defender Dayot Upamecano to oust Hugo Lloris. Lloris made two saves to show the victory of the world champions.

He beat Oyarzabal for the first time before severely disrupting Jeremi Pino’s effort during the break, with France second in the tournament after Portugal in 2019.

But Mbappe’s victory will be a moment of controversy, as well as a permanent goal despite the Paris St-Germain striker on the sidelines when Theo Hernandez scored his first goal from the ball.

Spanish defender Eric Garcia approached the ball to try to fend off the ball before he reached Mbappe, and the rule said: “the player on the outside catches the ball from an opponent who is kicking the ball”. Benefit “.

France, who finally reached the final after beating their neighbors 2-0 in Belgium 3-2 on Thursday, had to return and participate in a live match after an hour of artistic work.

Didier Deschamps’ side showed more strength when Benzema used his right foot to slide the ball over Simon, less than two minutes after Oyarzabal opened the scoring for Spain.

Despite France’s limited resources (36%), they continued to threaten and attack after Mbappe made a firm and possibly favorable decision.

Benzema, who returned to the World Cup before Euro 2020 in the summer, told French TV channel M6: “I want to win a cup with France, but now it’s over.

“We have shown a lot of character, for this very strong team we will not give up if we show it today.

“This is a recognizable sign of a great team without being intimidated, patient, and looking forward to the right opportunity”.