UK broadcaster Sky has launched a TV that scans content from the internet, eliminating the need for a satellite dish.

The company describes Sky Glass as “no fuss” television. One expert said it would put advertisers in a TV competition with Samsung and Sony. Others say that removing the “old plate” for a long time is an “expensive way of watching TV”. Glass eliminates the need for an external box and, with integrated Dolby Atmos, no sound is required.

Other details include:

• three types – 43, 55 and 65

• A cable and a plug

• High resolution 4K quantum dot display

• High 10-bit power to support Dolby Vision HDR

• Facial voice function

• Available in five colors

Team leader Dana Strong said: “Sky Glass streams TV with Sky on board, providing complete hardware, software, and content.”

“We believe this is the smartest TV show ever.”

While a Sky subscription will be required, content from BBC iPlayer, Amazon, Netflix, Disney +, ITV Hub, and All4 will also be available. The comany has not yet thought of a hardware partner that will make this device. He did not explain how he intends to expand his content on the web, without delaying or saving it. If someone wants to cancel their Sky subscription when they buy a TV, they can still use the TV but will have to miss out on some of the more advanced features like voice control and playlists.

‘Make good money

If transferring content over the Internet rather than a satellite would be a “challenge,” Sky’s decision has generated many business ideas, says independent technology analyst Paolo Pescatore. “If you don’t have a satellite dish, you reduce costs and increase costs,” he says.

In the future, The company could offer money on TV and broadband deals, he said. The company has provided broadband TV in Italy, Germany, via the Sky Q decoder. If this rugged hardware is included, it will compete with TV makers like Samsung and Sony, who are integrating their content kits, he said. Fisherman, and add speed “has lost the decoder”. The TV can be paid for as part of an existing subscription or can be purchased in full.

Users who have previously subscribed to Ultimate TV 26 will pay £ 13 per month for the smallest TV. The 55-inch screen will be £ 17 and the 65-inch screen £ 21. Buying the smaller version of the TV in advance will cost you £ 649, and Sky will require an additional subscription. The largest amounts would be £ 849 and £ 1,049 respectively. This makes it “an expensive way to watch TV,” says Uswitch’s Ernest Doku.

But he said the market was in trouble. Mr. Doku said: “It’s time for Sky to throw some magic dust on the old satellite dish.” “The solution to all of this, in the end, would be to clean boxes and dishes, which has historically eliminated many customers.”

Sky also says glass will be the first zero-emission TV. Mr. Doku explained how he was able to achieve that “thinness”, but said: “Encouraging consumers to spend working televisions in favor of the Sky type can cost a lot of money.” electronics are not needed. ” The TV will be available from 18 October in the UK and other markets next year.