Amazon is ready to take on TV giants, including Samsung, LG, and Sony, launching Amazon-branded TVs in the United States starting in October, according to a well-known Business Insider headline.

This setup, which will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, at least some other developers, including TCL, but only has the Amazon name, reports.

The Amazon app and Lab126 have been in development for almost two years.

With a limited size, this new TV can offer 55 “, 65” and 75 “options.

Amazon has already sold Basics TV in India for around $ 500 (prices vary in size). Specifications are designed for hot and cold appliances.

Amazon has been selling Fire TV TVs and software for years, but Toshiba (pictured) and other manufacturers have their own brand.

Amazon is reportedly planning to launch its own e-commerce business. The big screen is likely to launch in October. The TV will reportedly have Alexa and will be between 55 and 75 inches.

Others like TCL are more likely to have designed and manufactured Amazon TVs. The company has reportedly been working in television for two years. According to a Business Insider report, the television will launch in the US.

However, in India, the company offers the Amazon Basics TV brand. It also partnered with BestBuy to sell Toshiba and Insignia TV sponsored by Amazon Fire TV software.

The new TV will have an intuitive feature like the adaptive volume that will help Alexa respond to sound if it detects noise. This setting will ensure that users can hear Alexa even with noises like people talking, playing music, or washing dishes. However, motion noise is not reduced if there is no background noise. You have to lower the volume with one hand.

Television is just one more step for the company to build Apple’s ecosystem as a gift from Amazon Prime Video, Alexa, Fire TV Stick, as well as its e-commerce platform.

Amazon has not said anything publicly. With the launch of the TV, Amazon will enter the television market that will put it in competition with Sony, Samsung, LG, and others, selling their products on the Amazon platform.