Over 4 million viewers, excluding Chinese audience watching LOL world championship.

China’s EDward Gaming (EDG) team won the 2021 League of Legends (LOL) World Championship and Summoner Cup, beating rival DWG KIA for the team’s first win. EDG has won all five team games 3 to 2, and no game is the same that is just an ongoing and ongoing battle. The game has attracted 4 million viewers outside of China and the problem is that millions more will come when the numbers are high.

The EDG Scout midfielder won the MVP award for the final World Cup series.

EDG is the main foundation of this game, not only does not appear at the end of the previous world but also faces DWG KIA. Last year’s DWG Worlds win and this year’s win will give the team their second win in the history of the next two LOL World Cups. The price is higher than Khan, one of DWG’s top players, for whom he was called up for military service in his native South Korea, to be forced to retire.

Chinese League supporters were thrilled, even though the match was being held at 2 am local time, and there was even a video of the street festival filled with Chinese and non-Chinese media.