Four years ago, Grace Davies sung her first song in the X Factor Survey.

Music – Roots – said the jury, was one of the stars of the 2017 series to the end, where he finished in second place.

But the 24-year-old singer from Blackburn has just released a song that made him famous.

“It’s a four-year career,” he told Radio 1 Newsbeat.

He said, “I have a lot of weight on my shoulders, but also the most exciting thing that has happened.”

This is a great example of why it took Roots so long to get on the plane that new producers take when they start in the music industry.

After her X Factor series, Grace signed with Simon Cowell’s music label Syco, where she planned to leave the album.

“They didn’t say when he would leave. I was arrested for several years,” he said.

Its first official product – The Invisible One – was released in January 2020, but the first coronavirus and national vaccine finally put a stop to operational plans.

When it released its first EP in June 2020, Syco closed it well and left it with an uncertain future.

Grace said it was the “most heartbreaking thing” that had ever happened to her because she felt it was “the end of my career”.

“I had a lot of trash, but it wasn’t good. I had a lot of patience over the last four years and it was frustrating at times,” he said.

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In late 2020, after only three years in London, he decided to return to his parents’ home in Lancashire.

“I walked into a completely dark room in London. I couldn’t do the job I wanted to. I was frustrated. I knew I had to leave because of my mental health.”

When he moved to another area, he set up a home theater, and “ever since”.

The whole experience ends – finally – with the release of his signature, Roots, which he wrote in 40 minutes.

“It was a great song for me because I wrote about leaving home, moving to London to play all the time and suddenly I’m back in my hometown.”

Although he finds it difficult to share his world, he feels “powerful”.

Grace also co-produced the song, in her honor. “I wouldn’t have had it four years ago,” he said.

“I grew up as an artist, but also as a person and now I love the little things.”

He also said that there have been many tears since the song was sung: “I was so scared, that every first thing that came out of my body were tears.”

Four years after that first try, Grace has no regrets about her experience with The X Factor.

“I wouldn’t have a platform right now,” he said. “I got many opportunities and experiences that I never imagined. I also have my song.

“Everything is better now because of four years of hard work, and frustration.”