Four-time Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan has revealed that she is searching for the real star Kim Kardashian for inspiration for her new role.

The actor makes his UK debut as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s tragedy at the Almeida Theater in north London, against Scottish actor James McArdle as Macbeth.

“We think of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as Kim and Kanye’s position,” Ronan tells BBC News, “where there is a process of her success and the kind of real success and failure.”

The couple decided to compare Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to “a powerful modern couple who are professional but also compassionate and have many private lives that we don’t know about,” says Ronan, citing Kardashian and her husband. Rapper Kanye West, who announced their divorce earlier this year.

Ronan and McArdle have decided to call their writers Susan and Neil Macbeth.

“The tragedy is that these two people are married and are partners and partners in every way … when that started to separate, what we would expect was that when people come to see it, only then does the pain come.”

McArdle agrees and says, “The idea of   music, the ideas of Halloween have captured the game.” In designer Yaël Farber’s production, Macbeth’s Disaster, it is the relationship between Macbeth that takes precedence.

“What we want more than anything else is a marriage that works. A love story,” McArdle explained.

Actor Olivier was cast as Macbeth in February 2020, when he asked Ronan to play music in front of him. The couple is best friends and appeared in a movie during the movie Mary Queen of Scots and Ammonite.

“There is something wonderful every time we work together, which is not uncommon,” she said.

However, Ronan spent two months thinking about it before it happened. To begin with, she had never seen Shakespeare before. “It’s really difficult, it’s difficult,” she says during the holidays and moves into production.

So it was a challenging game for the actor who released the movie Atonement, when he was only 13 years old. He was nominated for an Oscar and went on to prove his worth as an on-screen leader and other Oscar nominees for the show in Brooklyn. Golden Globe winner Lady Bird and the Girls.

But this success does not mean that he is held back by hype, excitement, anticipation and anticipation as he makes his UK stage debut.

“I was unexpectedly scared. You would wake up in a panic and panic and I wouldn’t laugh at that. Suddenly you felt trapped for a minute worrying about what you were doing. Do.” He says.

“It’s really a learning curve and how many can you try yourself. Because you also have an impact on the movie, but I think this is getting worse.

“Every day, every hour is a little bit different. You can really trust what you are doing for a while and have good progress and then what will happen will hit you again.

“It’s just an experience of doing old, new things that seem like an untapped area.”

He also knows what happens when he can make a mistake. Ronan was on stage once on Broadway and The Crucible in 2016. He appeared in over 150 shows, but remembers being terrified on stage.

“But I was flying over my body for all the first acts and I didn’t know what this game was about and I didn’t know what to say again, I didn’t know what anyone was going to say again. Terrified, horrible and horrible.

Or he hopes his name isn’t spelled out on a show for Macbeth’s Disaster. But if that doesn’t work, think again. On his phone, he has created a folder called Names, which contains all of Saoirse’s “wrong information”.

“I think one of the worst is Sadirse. So putting D instead of O. That’s funny.”

On McArdle’s phone, information on actress Kate Winslet. The couple appeared together on HBO in Mare of Easttown, where Winslet played a detective investigating a murder in a small Pennsylvania town with McArdle playing a fabulous deacon.

McArdle says, “Send a gentler reminder. I love everyone.”

“He has a pot,” Ronan added.

McArdle didn’t know if there would be a second series of American crime movies. “I have nothing” but the ad, “I think they will want one.” However, before that, it’s Macbeth’s little talk. The Winslet will be in the audience.

“She’s coming to see Macbeth,” says McArdle. “Easttown Mare”.