Tyson Fury moved Deontay Wilder into the screaming game at the last media conference before they met the trilogy.

They gather in Las Vegas this weekend with Fury holding out first for the coveted WBC world title. A strong bond emerged during the closing speech as Fury argued that Wilder’s legacy had been destroyed. Fury said, “You deny it, and you want to stop it. Do yourself a favor and stop boxing. Your legacy is in danger.”

“Don’t erase all your excuses. You are a weak person.” Wilder jokingly argued that his enemy had no control over him. “I have to fight another day of my life, I’m fine – can you say the same? Corruption,” he replied, which Fury scorned. “My family understands, my children understand, that my father had a dangerous job – no other sport kills so many people like boxing, they understand.”

As tensions rose, the strife was abandoned as Top Rank leader Bob Arum shouted from the stage that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Rage focused on Wilder

It was a difficult relationship even before the first question was asked when Wilder got into his seat and Fury refused to sit in his seat. In a beautiful gown covered in the WBC logo, Fury was undressed under his jacket and Wilder was wearing headphones and checking his phone several times. During their last press conference in June, Wilder put down his headphones, declining to comment, but this time he was ready to speak, his first gesture: “I have nothing to show.”

Wilder, 35, missed the injury to a 33-year-old Englishman 20 months ago after making their first game.

The American developed an extraordinary apology for the loss – the first in his career – and argued that Fury ‘cheated’ by putting his hands on his heavy ring and exhausting him. The American refused to erase anything he said and called his challenger Fury “weak”. Wilder said, “My power is like my mind, violence.” I have no regrets about it, I will go to the grave believing what I believe.

“One thing about it, men lie, women lie, but your eyes don’t lie what you see – people may believe what they want, but eyes don’t lie in them makes me feel better as a man than some truth. You are worse than the previous one. “I’m not bringing it back. I want it. It’s a blessing in disguise.”

Anger didn’t like what Wilder had said.

He said: “I don’t care because it’s clear from a patient –   I love him, his teammates, his coaches, his sportswear [he wears in the ring], the injury body, the Nevada state sports committee. , plaintiff – if he apologizes he will agree. “He told me he was such a weak person that I would wake up on Saturday night.

“He imitated me, he had no clothes on today. I know for sure he didn’t wear clothes to social media – I know I’m an inspiration but you have to be a Bomber Bomber, do your job.”

‘The truth will set you free’

Wilder was freezing the whole time, as Fury sought an explanation for the final fight, and the great American quit his job. Fury questioned Wilder’s legacy at a press conference, but the American argued that all the pressure was on the WBC royal champion. Wilder said, “When you know the truth they say the truth will set you free, I have no pressure, nothing to lose, everything to gain.”

“He is under all the pressure. Your inheritance dies only when someone dies when the desire and fire in your heart dies, and when your inheritance dies, and I live very much. “We have a lot of stuff online. After all, this is something the world needs to know. There’s a lot I can say there, but silence is gold.”

You’ll be right back on track”

Anger didn’t get in the way of a press conference that lasted just over half an hour, including two breaks. It’s been six months since the overweight found themselves and Fury are more confident than he is about pulling each other out, promising to do more of the lousy job Saturday night in Las Vegas. Fury said, “The world’s first two-time undefeated champion, who made history,” said Fury.

“Wilder said I didn’t win a second match just because I cheated, but he changed his whole team and trained as he did. The answer, to put a dress on your face. “He Said he wanted to hurt me and hurt me, to the firefighters with the intention of throwing him and the deer at him. I don’t want to hurt Deontay Wilder, I just want to fight him. “Think, after this fight, you’ll go back to the fast-food line you worked on early in your career.”