The game is late but hope the economy and bugs are fixed at least.

Several player-sponsored complaints on Reddit and a corrupt blogger gathered over the past week to take a good picture of the new gaming economy. According to a site called PlayerAuctions, the “financial crisis” in the game has led to acute confusion: lack of enough money in the game to sustain a stable business, impose prices on any item and reduce value for money. it is itself so loud that players start shopping to do things with the equipment.

It’s hard to say exactly how this content expands, as each new global distribution has its unique richness. For experienced gamers, the value of in-game content means there’s no logical way to make money from the business (or no incentive to pursue or promote it) nor why it’s impossible to sell your stuff successfully.

Meanwhile, inflation is on the rise due to limited (and declining) supply so that expensive costs, such as repairing equipment or paying taxes, cannot be suddenly reached. And because New World has no NPC subscribers, there’s no easy way for Amazon to make price corrections by setting a minimum price.

But Amazon doesn’t think it’s important. In a post at a new global conference, developer Zin_Ramu said the game economy is “running at an acceptable level” and, despite reports, all servers are generating more revenue than cancellations, “too much”. This addition reduces the number of players entering the new World Cup final but has not yet reached the point where immediate action is needed.

Zin_Ramu wrote: “Athletes take a good gold balance every day, but there is a downward trend.” “If this trend continues and we take a negative approach, we will act. It is not our goal to push this value to waste or bring it to fruition. “Nobody can accumulate wealth, but we want to make sure that gold in general. The balance remains on a server where it is and therefore the coins are still needed. “

Two undisclosed actions could help stop the game’s end-of-life economy, they say: A cure for suffering and Azoth’s team will help players “finish the most damage that will sometimes bring pure gold” (our new guide globally referred to as “essential.”

Unfortunately, a few hours after the global economic reports were released, Outpost Rush has shut down again so that the developers could continue working on it. Its ongoing departure could have a major impact on the game as a whole: This Reddit post on deflationary content (which led to Zin_Ramu’s economic growth) claims that Outpost Rush offers 250-350 gold per year. . . investors.

“I think Amazon Games has promised that this will be the type of game because it offers a lot of loot of Azoth, Gold, and Gear Score,” wrote Redditor Vettel. “I think as Outpost accelerates, you will see the 1960s buying stocks that will help streamline the economy.” Based on the figures achieved, 8.3% of new players in the world have reached the top position.

Amazon hopes, or at least expects the outcome: Zin_Ramu says the company is waiting to see how the changes will affect the in-game gaming economy before any moves occur.