England cricketer Adil Rashid said he heard Michael Vaughan speak harshly about the Asian cricket team, becoming only the third player to do so after Azeem.

Azeem Rafiq, former Yorkshire player Rashid, said Vaughan said “a lot of you, we need to do something about that” for himself and three other players.

Former Pakistani cricketerRana Naved-ul-Hasan has denied the allegations, which Vaughan denies “fully and thoroughly”, saying the club had made a “grave mistake”.

In a statement to the cricketer, Rashid said he could support Rafiq’s statement.

On Monday, Vaughan reiterated his denial and said “the road didn’t work”.

The fourth player in the team – cricketer Ajmal Shahzad – told the Daily Mail earlier that he had no objections to the event and that “older girls have treated me better”.

Awesome, I want to talk – Vaughan

Vaughan has previously spoken, in a column for the Daily Telegraph, statements he made in 2009 while still a Yorkshire player.

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In a new statement to reporters on Monday, the former UK president said:

“Anyone who has seen the Yorkshire film before the game during the June 2009 game, and the relationship between the players, it would be difficult for them to make the film the story depicts.”

Vaughan said he remembered the game because it was the first time Yorkshire had selected four players from Asia in a single game, adding that it was “important for the region and what happened to me.” together.

He said it was a “sign of success” made in the 16 years he worked at the club and he did it “once to convince all four players that day because I understood that it was an important moment.”

A few weeks after the game, Vaughan said he enthusiastically wrote about it in his bio, saying it would be “something to come to Yorkshire”.

He said it was “unbelievable that I made a statement that insulted me”.

“We are deeply concerned that these false allegations, which have been confirmed by two other players, have been well supported by the former player,” he said in a statement Monday.

“I hung out with six other players in the team and none of them remember that statement.

“I welcome the fact that there are differences of opinion and I have a lot of sympathy for what Azeem Rafiq went through, but I hope everyone understands why I can’t let this happen. That’s wrong with my name.”