Matthew Strachan, author of The Woman Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? died at the age of 50.

Together with Keith’s father, he wrote the name of the program and remix. The program’s world exhibition is advertised worldwide. Strachan also wrote the National Lottery and EastEnders and produced many non-fake pornographic songs from the 1970s.

“Matthew Strachan loved his family and we will miss him,” Keith Strachan told the thentertainment.

“Matthew Strachan is a warm, fun, and talented man.”

In 1998, a group of children posted 95 photos from an eight-day program. They have won the American Writers, Writers, and Publishers Association Award on American television for 10 years in a row and have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. In a speech on Radio London in 2014, Strachan recalled the “unusual situation” in which he was asked to write important articles. They said, “This plan has become a pilot and it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

“The officer secretly hid the show one morning, called the producers, and said, ‘We have to stop and start over because if we don’t, ITV will support it.” Strachan says he and his father were invited to meet, and after seeing the film and speaking with the director, “it turns out that ninety-nine teams are broadcasting each event.” “.. He added, “There is always music, there is music when the lights come on, there are questions … the idea has to be good.” “And we had a good idea – having the kids on our shoulders – cutting the music in half, and there was always a need to make the game a little easier, but it made the task easier. Garden. . we work 24 hours a day. Hours a day to do it. “

“Eternal Suffering”

When asked why TV is “so good”, he said, “It’s a very interesting, stupid, stupid and controversial show, so I think the lights are on. And the music will come. Live.” ‘AND. ” Each boy and boy skillfully presses different music buttons, adds music to the meeting with each new question, and adds functions. Strachan’s other work includes music from Home Radio on BBC Radio 4 and Jasper Carrott’s BBC Commissioner Show, including The Detective Suitcase.

Matthew Strachan also created a translation spirit for Klaus Harmony, “Mozart’s Pornography”, which has produced several so-called “good work” stories since the 1970s to revive the art industry. Under the names of so-called songs like Cream The Oink, Kosmik Ladywave, Rempenmeister, and Jesus, You Are a Diamond, Don’t this album has reached the religious stage. “He could have done anything [a million], but he did it,” wrote his friend and author Daniel Pemberton on Twitter. “Matthew did recordings like Undercrotchen and Funky Sexy Shop. That’s what he wanted in life. “He was very excited. There are so many stories about the writer’s life, money is not always the goal, most of us especially want to make music.”

Author Dirk Maggs describes Strachan on Twitter as an “incredibly talented good friend” who was “funny, funny, talented and funny”. Writer Kevin Sargent also describes Strachan as “a talented, intelligent and dynamic actor who explores the possibilities of a television drama. Based on the history of his company, Strachan writes musical works and writes two books with his wife Bernadette under the pseudonym MB Vincent. Earlier this year he was charged with arson and arson at his home.