Skyrim 10 turns up this week, and despite being a little taller, Tood Howard still thinks Bethesda Game Studios’ RPG is the best of the century.

The wait for its release – currently known as Elder Scrolls 6 – is long overdue: in June it is still in “sort of” format except that Starfield will release it in November next year.

Todd Howard, IGN’s new interview director, gives some little tips on the studio’s methods for promoting RPG design, and not just improving the graphics and other prestige you can do – Howard wants to make it more complex.

“There’s one part that we don’t understand very well, because it’s a cover relationship,” Howard said when asked what the company could do well to make Skyrim. “Look, you can say that about anything, but I think when we think about the game and what we want to do, well, it doesn’t matter what the process is, how deep. How can we do that? The rest is how AI and NPCs make you. they respond – I think we still have a long way to go [with that]. Maybe that’s the biggest thing. “

Given Starfield’s long pregnancy – the study launched in 2015 – many of these goals are likely to be achieved in the role-playing space. Howard said that when Fallout 4 debuted, the company chose to operate on Starfield rather than Elder Scrolls games because “if we don’t,” when “it could” never “happen.”

A multimillion-dollar game system has been keeping him asleep for a long time, when asked about this unique situation Howard admitted that he is not good, even though he has focused on the ongoing development of Elder Scrolls Online (it helps a lot Skyrim time has been spent on it). any platform everyone knows).

Howard sang a hymn to the Skyrim modding community during the interview, announcing that the impact of the proposed modding for the upcoming Starfields and Elder Scrolls will be welcomed. For your favorite Skyrim mod? He said, “I like a group where people send out quick travel alerts when they buy a house.” “It will take [an hour].”

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be celebrated this week with the launch of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition. This is what it means.