As TV audiences often remain by 2020, TV viewing patterns and expectations are changing. What do viewers want from current TV shows? What benefits can CBS bring to the media public over the public?

In this webinar, Michael Haggerty, SVP Research at ViacomCBS, will share a world-class understanding of TV audience perceptions of 2020 based on multimodal research based on internal messaging data, freelance, and internetwork, photo uploads, classifieds, and jobs.

You will find the important in-depth webinar of the study at:

• What viewers want from TV broadcasts since the launch of Covid-19

• Contributions to provide significant benefits

• Watch the system analysis for TV broadcast vs. SVOD

• Common promotions

• More information on the state of the public and the practices of television advertising

The result of this study is a clear program and communication strategy to build the entertainment and comfort benefits of CBS for its audience during the turmoil.