Hollywood’s Indian lineup takes on a new dimension, literally, as users embrace the unique impact of the Thor: The Dark World films and the film’s closely tied Avengers to Shape of Water and The Handmaid’s Tale.

If it weren’t for the upcoming credit movie, many viewers would not have been in the dark due to the number of cast members in India and the great movie they were watching. It takes the city (or in this case a big company) and the Indians to work more and more on VFX (visual effects) touring in a dark cinema.

The reason he hired the Indians was because of the comfort with which he will speak fluent English, the ability to work, and the affordability.

A lot of people can speak and communicate well with clients and executives, which gives them more authority than other countries, “said Harsimmar Singh, who testified in Biggies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Revenge, Thor: Ragnarok, and winner in the maid’s tale.

Singh, who works at Taking 5 Productions Inc in Toronto, recalled his experience with Man of Steel while in India.