Marketers convince audiences that their own movie or television programming is a must.

For a movie, this could come from billboards, stickers, and digital features (almost via social media). From TV shows, it can be newspapers, trailers, and social media. The salespeople take care of all of this and make it happen; work with creative partners to develop and deploy a museum. In the case of film, the trade can also ensure that this film product is properly delivered to potential buyers (Distribution Company); when the sales directors are working on the show, then they are marketing and bringing the audience to the show.

Marketing campaigns vary based on production needs. Big budget films that filmmakers have tend to invest more money in marketing and advertising than smaller films. Marketers are considering how to create a sales budget, forecast, acquisition cost, and contract process. If the film is to be shown worldwide, the campaign should be tailored to the country’s culture and countries.

Film companies, retailers, production companies, or advertisers can hire retailers. Large production companies will have their own marketing department for their films and television shows. The smaller ones use a different business or company. For cinemas, advertisers or channels like Channel 4 or Studio Studio can take over the sales force.