DECK 7 – General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Introduction to Data Protection & Privacy

Marketers across the industry are expecting a big boost for their channel marketing plans in every region. They are often desperate for information on the security of the data they collect. Traditional marketing methods can no longer be used in the same way as before. Confusion and a kind of anxiety are common among marketers. To solve this problem, we have provided you with a quick overview of the different types of databases, as well as the generalized privacy standards and we apply them in different parts of the world.

How We Do It?

DECK 7 strives to protect the privacy of your data by maintaining the privacy and trust of personal data collected from customers. In Section 7, the protection of customer data is paramount and we have done everything necessary to protect it.

Zones have their own set of territorial rules that a merchant who enters into a trade agreement with others in the area must follow. Deck 7 has worked for many years with many well-protected clients across the industry in many geographies. This experience makes us responsible for your data and we take steps to ensure that our clients’ efforts are guaranteed to make any unsupported entries.

To comply with the rules of the various spaces Deck 7 is working in, we follow different local standards. We strive to ensure that all data is handled confidentially without having to access your data, thus effectively meeting the needs of our clients and complying with all local laws and regulations.