With the safety, health, and well-being of attendees, speakers, and partners in mind, the Ragan team decided to move on to a social media conference to be held on September 9-10 only instead of our reunion in Orlando and Disney Swan & Dolphin Hotel, from September 8 to 10. If you still plan to attend this event live, you will be able to watch it now at your home/office.

Actions and activities to attract attention, engage, empower and strengthen your brand on social media applications.

Have you ever looked at virus ads, tweets, photos, or video clips and wondered how they created a great conversation?

In this interactive workshop, you will learn the secrets to effectively creating and reporting that makes clicks new, paving the way to lead and be part of a regular conversation on your social media channels, and best practices to implement the best strategy to add a new audience.

Join a forum full of information and motivating topics that will help you leave ideas that you can immediately apply to your social media strategy.