This special committee aims to open a broad discussion on the needs and needs of the Central and Eastern European network for 30 years, as the collapse of the insurance industry brings new opportunities and challenges for local academics. We as academics from Central and Eastern Europe are still looking for a unique network, has its purpose been achieved? The panel will feature the views of the network’s founder, the views of a region-focused Western academic, as well as the experience and reflection of young members of the educational community in the Central and Eastern European region.

The conferences of the ECREA Central and Eastern European Network are organized by the Institute of Journalism, Media, and Communication of the Jagiellonian University and the Polish Communication Association.

The theme of this conference is the new communication revolution: the theme emerged at a time of prosperity due to many ongoing changes in the field of media and communication. The conference will analyze a variety of topics and cover a variety of perspectives related to ongoing communication change and social change. New trends in communication can target different areas of human activity, politics, economics, or technology. We call it the concept of thinking, motivation, and process of reflection on changes related to communication itself, but also on the relationship between media and social networks, as well as on new ones.

Ways of thinking, working and spending free time. This offer considers the advantages and disadvantages of the current situation and the communication will be of special value.

To participate in this conference, we would like to encourage you to submit newsletters and team plans.