Motion graphics and animation are now effective instruments for marketing and advertising that are imaginative. They continuously support different forms of business advertising and help to create a brand-new method of showcasing goods and services in the contemporary digital sphere.

Animation is a rapidly growing field that is susceptible to regional and worldwide design and technological trends. We will discuss the top ten amazing animation and motion graphic trends that will be used this year in design for business in this post.

Restrictive color palette.

Laconism is where poetry thrives, and only a few straightforward words may convey a lot. The same is true with colors. Instead of employing a rich palette with several semi-tones, the current tendency is to communicate a visual tale with just a few fundamental colors. Additionally, it has emerged as a leading trend in digital illustration.

The narrow color spectrum makes the animation appear both simple and elegant. For an artist, it might be difficult to convey the tone and personality of artwork with only a few colors. Despite the restricted color pallet, the expertly created animation may appear quite beautiful and exceptional. These cartoons frequently exude a faint sense of nostalgia and the past.

Thin Lines.

In the video, lines have several purposes. In addition to defining forms and providing direction, they also set the tone. The role played by thin lines this year, though, is particularly intriguing. Artists aim to produce animations that resemble genuine hand-drawn images by making them ultra-thin but extra-distinctive. It gives the videos a unique look.

A trend that is sure to be one of the cutest in 2022 is the use of linear art in animated videos. Many companies have already attempted to demonstrate the influence of this trend in their promotional and explainer videos. The animated animation produced by Explain Ninja serves as a superb illustration.

Mixing 2D and 3D.

In videos this year, 2D and 3D are still often blended. They are frequently combined by motion designers, who claim that doing so gives videos a unique aesthetic and increases viewer enjoyment. The integration of 2D and 3D animation and the addition of moving 2D overlayers are the most prevalent examples of this approach.

Kinetic Typography.

Due to the significant possibility of impaired readability, artists frequently hesitate to experiment with fonts and typefaces. However, they take on fresh typographic issues in 2022, defy accepted wisdom, and produce pleasantly surprising outcomes. Stretching, bending, and distorting of the letters seem to be encouraged by the kinetic typography, which appears to actually claim to go beyond the bounds of conventional typography. What do you know? It’s popular.

Animated Logos.

Businesses attempt to include animation in various branding materials in their fight for a spectacular and unforgettable online presence. One of the most important trends in brand identity design is already the use of animated logos.

Motion graphics give static text and iconography life, enhancing a brand’s appeal to consumers and giving it a more dynamic appearance. Due to their surprising motions and twists, animated logos are frequently linked to a brand’s propensity for innovation and providing something special to its clients.


Artists may give their work a more realistic appearance by using grain as a technique. By doing so, it gives images life and gives vector art a textural appearance. The graphics appear more realistic, rawer, and more like the surfaces and textures of the actual world.

The distinctive grain-effect animated movies help firms stand out from the competition and provide clients with eye-catching imagery. A corporation may demonstrate its commitment to originality and excellence at home with this kind of animation.

Self-drawing lines.

All preferences are catered for in the motion graphics trends of 2022, and if you’re searching for something more somber and serene, a film with self-drawing lines could be your best bet. This kind of design makes it easy to see how a thin line may be used to construct various shapes, logos, phrases, and other concepts. For explainer films, presentations for business meetings, or even presentations for college students, it may be one of the greatest motion design trends.