In a short period of time, Billie Eilish has experienced enormous success. With her debut track “Ocean Eyes,” the twenty-year-old singer-songwriter shot to popularity and amassed a huge following.

Eilish has solidified her position as one of the finest and brightest stars of the twenty-first century in only seven short years after the debut of that song.

Eilish’s career is based on a foundation of depressing songs, despite the fact that her style and sound are always changing. Her mystery and ethereal nature, which are present in all of her songs, are what make her so appealing.

You’ll be looking at the saddest Billie Eilish songs ever in this article!

1) Listen Before I Go

The song “Listen before I leave” is a wonderful introduction to Eilish’s repertoire and her own artistic sensibility. The song offers a distinctive parting sensation when paired with the songs “I love you” and “goodbye.”

The production of the song on its own mostly uses atmosphere, with sirens at the start and finish of the music. Additionally, it has a soft jazz-inspired piano accompaniment. The song’s lyrics are delivered from the viewpoint of a person who is going to end their life.

This song is one of Eilish’s saddest ones because of how well-produced it is overall, from the music to the lyrics.

2) I Love You

I love you is a more conventionally produced song that builds on the preceding tune. The acoustic guitar plays a sparsely plane-related background melody in the song. The singer’s struggle to withstand falling in love is described in the song’s lyrics.

Eilish’s words will startle you in the greatest manner imaginable, despite the fact that “I love you” is a ballad in terms of its structure and melody. This song is undoubtedly one of her saddest, but it’s also one of her sweetest.

3) 6.18.18

Even by the standards of Eilish, “6.18.18” is an odd song. Despite the fact that the song’s “about” is made crystal apparent in the lyrics, it is still unknown.

Despite being planned for inclusion in Eilish’s debut studio album, this is mostly because it was never published. Only die-hard fans would have been familiar with this song prior to this list.

The song’s lyrics express Eilish’s sorrow at the loss of her close friend Xxxtentacion, who was shot and died on June 18, 2018 (thus the song’s title). Regardless of how you feel about the late rapper/singer, there is no denying that this is still a depressing, unsettling memorial.

4) Everybody Dies

Happier Than Ever, Eilish’s sophomore studio album, has the somewhat cynically titled song “Everybody Dies” on it.

The song’s content and concept are quite straightforward; its lyrics emphasize the unavoidable truth that everyone eventually passes away. With this one, you essentially get what you see on the package.

Even though the song’s main concept and mood are depressing, there is some solace in the realization that everything is fleeting, and Eilish exhorts her followers to enjoy life to the fullest while they still have it.

5) When The Party’s Over

Paradoxes are prevalent throughout the song “When the party’s over.” First of all, the song was performed live a whole year before it was published.

Due to this, Eilish and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, who wrote and produced the song, experienced considerable worry before its release since they thought the studio version would fall short of the enchantment of the live performance.

Second, Eilish’s grief when each of her relationships ends in failure is expressed in the song’s lyrics.

She tries to disguise the fact that she is quite depressed and says she likes being alone. When the party’s over is, to put it mildly, melancholy, much like most of her songs.

6) Idontwannabeyouanymore

One of Eilish’s first big successes, “Idontwannabeyouanymore,” was released as the fifth single from her first EP. The song draws on a range of inspirations, including neo-soul and traditional R&B, but it also establishes its own character, mostly as a result of Eilish’s powerful vocal performance and the cryptic nature of her lyrics.

The song, which Eilish wrote while she was depressed, expresses her feeling of depersonalization. There is little question that a range of listeners who have experienced or are now experiencing depression will find the song to be appealing.

7) Male Fantasy

Following another broken relationship, Eilish wrote the song “Male Fantasy,” in which the lyrics depict the strong struggle of feelings that dominate her head. The “male power fantasy” offered by pornography is referenced in the song’s title.

One of Eilish’s most popular songs, “Male Fantasy,” is largely a result of the way it isn’t afraid to address difficult subjects like the power dynamics in romantic relationships. In addition to making your depression worse, the music will also probably make you think, which a good thing is usually.

8) Xanny

On Eilish’s first studio album, “xanny,” there are three songs in total. In the lyrics, it is bemoaned that excessive drug use has been glorified and become acceptable.

The song’s final phrase, in which Eilish tries to understand her love for someone who can’t help but take drugs and dies, is the true eye-opener here. It can be found in the song’s bridge.

9) Halley’s Comet

Despite the fact that “Halley’s Comet” is largely a romantic love song, it nevertheless has some of the depressing undertones of Billie Eilish’s earlier songs.

Halley’s Comet’s infrequent presence is described in the song’s lyrics, which Eilish utilizes as a metaphor for how infrequently she herself “comes around.”

10) Hostage

The eighth and last track from Eilish’s first EP is the one we chose as our top choice for this list. The relationship dynamic in the song, which is torn between genuine love and obsessional possession, is risky. There is no doubt that the lyrics are sad and profound.