“Sport is part of everyone’s legacy and cannot be paid back without it.” -Pierre de Coubertin

Sport is a social and economic phenomenon that contributes to the planning, integration, and prosperity of the European Union. The extraordinary Olympic Games for the development of sports to promote peace and understanding between countries and cultures, as well as youth education in Europe, the International Olympic Committee, and the European Olympic Committee were born and developed.

The game attracts European citizens and many people often participate in sports programs. Develop important values such as team spirit, unity, tolerance, and fairness, contributing to personal development and fulfillment. It promotes the participation of EU citizens in society and thus helps to promote active citizenship. The Commission recognizes the important role of sport in European society, especially when it comes to reaching citizens and addressing issues that matter to them.

However, new threats and challenges are emerging in the European sports community, such as business pressure, exploitation of young athletes, doping, racism, violence, corruption, and money trafficking.

This is the first time the Committee has discussed such a sport in detail. The overall aim is to regulate sporting activities in Europe in a meaningful way, stimulate debate on well-defined issues, increase the visibility of sport and EU decision-making processes and make the public aware of the needs and definitions of the sector. The aim is to highlight important issues such as the application of EU law in sport. It also seeks to clarify other sporting issues at the EU level.

This white paper does not start from scratch. The game under the implementation of European commissaire and forecasting in many areas had a growing impact on the game.

The important role of sport in European society was recognized in the Declaration of the Council of Europe in December 2000 on the characteristics of sport and its social function in Europe, which should be taken into account in its implementation. “beautiful” statement). Stating that sports teams in member countries have an important role in sports training, as well as an important role for team members. and compliance with local and civil laws. look, remember. social work, learning, and culture in games and design are unique.