Since the inception of this world, food was the first priority for humankind for the maintenance of his/her health. As time passed people got engaged in different activities other than food and health, the sports became the major option for their leisure.

In this regard, the sport has been a useful way for people to increase their mastery of nature and the environment. “The history of sport can teach us a great deal about social changes and about the nature of the sport itself”.

Sport seems to involve basic human skills being developed and exercised for their own sake, in parallel with being exercised for their usefulness. It also shows how society has changed its beliefs and therefore there are changes in the rules.

“Of course, as we go further back in history the dwindling evidence makes the theories of the origins and purposes of sport difficult to support”.

When a good sportsman becomes the head of the institution then there will be elevated performance in an effective and efficient manner

This study is an effort to relate the utmost importance and prospectus of sports with the social and physical health of every member of society.

On the part of the head of the institution, awareness and motivation is the first task to be dispensed with. It is organized into three main parts, each detailing a key aspect of the literature.

“The first reviews the preponderance of the evidence that has been accumulated over the years which documents the strong and positive correlation between athletic involvement and the academic success of student-athletes”.

The second section summarizes the research into the social sources of this association between sports and education, as well as the ways in which the relationship varies for certain social groups, different types of sports, and different kinds of school settings.