Functions of the radio that left its mark in the 20th century went through different periods in the course of history. In the past, radio functioned as a news channel, however, it subsequently came to the forefront with its entertainment function.

In our day, the radio has turned into a music box. This situation shows that its entertainment function is more important than the other functions. In the present study, a survey was conducted to figure out the views of the radio listeners on the functions of the radio.

In the survey applied to 520 persons from various age groups, it was found that 83.65 percent of the radio listeners attach importance to the “entertainment” function of the radio among other functions.

The individuals who participated in the survey were asked to provide their predictions on the future status of the radio’s functions. For this purpose, they were asked the question “which functions should radio have in the future?”

50.9 percent of the participants stated that they think the “entertainment” function of the radio will be prominent in the future. Private radio broadcasting left twenty-five years behind in 2015.

In the survey designed to investigate the value of the radio functions in the eye of radio listeners for the last half a century period, the results showed that the entertainment function of the radio is the most important function.

Both this survey and the practices in the sector indicate that the “entertainment” function of the radio is superior to any other functions. Similar to other platforms, listeners of the radio also prefer to “have fun” instead of “getting information”.