“An ecosystem thought to empower artists and enable fans to co-own their favorite music making listening to a new experience”

A new era of music

Who doesn’t love music? Music unites us. Music belongs to the fans. Web1 means “Read.” Web2 means “Write.” Web3 means “Own.”

Thanks to the Beatland ecosystem, music is entering the web3 revolution: everyone can be the owner of a fraction of their favorite song. You are more than a fan, you are part of the community of the artist.

Your community, your label

Our vision is a world where artists are independent and nothing can stop their creativity. The community is the heart of the success of the artists: the more artists take care of their fans, the more they will be successful.

Instead of having a record label, an artist will have thousands of labels: all his fans will own his token, listen to his music, and act as ambassadors for his work.

BTLD powering the ecosystem

At the heart of Beatland’s ecosystem is the Beatland token, powering the NFT marketplace where artists can create NFT collections representing the economic rights to their songs and sell them to their fans.

Artists are underpaid by 20% to 50%

At present, artists are underpaid by 20 to 50%. This is due to the intermediaries standing between the artist and his fans, notably the labels.

The services provided by labels are distribution and promotion. The purpose of a contract with a label is to allow the label to exploit the sound recordings of an artist in return for royalty payments.

It may also include an advance payment. This means that the royalties received by the artist are only a fraction of the revenue generated from his music: the revenue share attributable to the label often ranges from 50% to 90%.