The Next Frontier for collectible memorabilia, social clubs, dining, and web 3 experiences linked to Hollywood’s most iconic movies and IPs.

Meta Hollywood is building the largest online community for movie lovers and creators through NFTs. Owning the largest collection of Hollywood movie memorabilia, Meta Hollywood digitalizes real-world entertainment experiences and bridges them to the global online community by leveraging cutting-edge NFT technology.

With this new project, we add value to the existing Hollywood memorabilia, where the value of the memorabilia is being preserved as we create additional utility and transform each associated NFT into a true digital asset.

We have elected to democratize the entertainment universe by empowering movie lovers and the broader consumer market to directly interact with movie producers and other short-form content creators through a branded digital experience.

Utilizing our native token, Meta Hollywood’s HWOOD ($HWOOD), we aspire to realize our goal of transforming the amazing Hollywood experience into a next-generation hybrid web3 ecosystem that benefits and reaches the mass, industry field supporters, and creators both online and offline.


Currently, NFTs provide an online ledger of ownership for all assets recorded on the blockchain. With this new technology, we envision a new world where digital and real-life experiences will be merged.

Not only does an NFT represent the ownership and authenticity of the physical item, but it also encourages the connection and interaction between supporters and creators, breeding a whole new community that will grow and connects by perpetuating an Experience-And-Earn model.

Meta Hollywood transports guests into the amazing world of Hollywood through authentic and rare memorabilia. While physical memorabilia deteriorate over time, no matter how perfectly preserved, an NFT will live in eternity and can be enjoyed without fear of deterioration. Therefore, we aspire to bridge real-world entertainment experiences and digital assets through NFTs.