The unforeseen events of the past few years have spoiled many ways. People all over the world avoid social gatherings and stay at home. The media industry also faces major problems, with many games and music programs, content production systems, and later versions canceled or postponed. “Even if the Olympics are not over yet, they have been postponed to next year”.

These are difficult times for the media industry. Omdia *, Informa Tech’s technology research division, expects an $ 11 billion loss to the film industry and a 15% reduction in TV commercials. For publishers and newspaper editors, there are two types of infectious diseases; advertising has dropped significantly and, at the same time, many global programs in the region have been canceled.

But advertising and events are a major source of income for publishers. There is a silver cord, however. During such memory programs, people spend more time watching videos, thereby increasing digital consumption, be it online videos, eSports or music promotions. This goes for online providers like Netflix and Disney +, which could see 12% growth according to Omdia.