The success of today’s media and entertainment (M&E) industry means that businesses will deliver engaging content and unique user experiences, in bulk, anywhere, anytime using cloud ecosystem.

This type of content roams the world, including valuable digital content for film production, media, digital cinema, entertainment, live events, games, music, video effects (VFX), over the top (OTT), etc.

Technology drives and defines today’s M&E industry, the types of businesses that emerge, and how to create, move, manage and distribute content.

To become global competitors, M&E companies are embracing rapidly changing technology environments, new digital distribution channels, and emerging business models.

They also welcome high-level surveys to measure OTT success in corporate digital environments. Many M&E firms combine agile marketing and technology development strategies to gain full access to emerging technologies, including

• Secure networks

• Cloud computing

• Digital asset management (DAM)

• Cloud transcoding

• IP rights management

• Digital rights management (DRM)

• Content delivery networks (CDNs)

• Advertising platforms

• Wireless networks

• Big data analytics

• Video game platforms

• Mobile device platforms