In social media and entertainment applications, content is edited, created, and managed by multiple devices and integrated into resource management applications. Gradually and once the work is done, they are saved from the asset manager to the repository via the BlackPearl® Spectra security system. BlackPearl removes network locks by predicting file transfers from the output network to multiple storage domains. To protect the content of this asset management application, BlackPearl customers have written to Spectra’s key partners using Spectra S3 to create non-intrusive backup functionality directly from the application.

Outside of the operating system, many resources are also not used. Creative Commons uses many graphics applications (such as Adobe After Effects, Smoke, Illustrator, etc.) and output files that are not managed in the user control system, because they do not have a single control system that can manage all forms. of file management. Also, original files like 4k, 8k, raw photos, etc. are not processed.

Always in the resource management system. If there is no system for keeping traditions in production, this is usually a document storage system or workplace. The tray on the desktop fills the external hard drive, and in some cases, the hardware remains on the expensive production drive. Lastly, the archive is unique and the storage is extensive. Eviction, loss of assets, and, in the worst case, the inability to get something back unhindered and lose it. Forever.

In order to save money by investing in digital content and ensure their future income, it is important to keep all content in storage. The BlackPearl Convergence Convergence Spectra Security System provides a simple operating system for two assets managed (i.e., managed around MAM/PAM/DAM) with BlackPearl’s Spectra customers and equipment not included in the BlackPearl Eon Spectra Browser.

Spectra offers a number of options for managing and storing creative and secure assets, including the Eon BlackPearl Browser which enables power placement and storage and management, as well as the Eon BlackPearl Browser with Spectra NFI (Interface File Interface) for fruit control and placed in folder performance.