This section presents the results of the paper. First, the study develops a ranking of authors who have been leaders in innovation research over the past 25 years.

Second, the work develops rankings of leading authors in innovation research according to the journals which published the most in innovation research.

Finally, the study presents bibliographic coupling and co-authorship analysis between the most productive and influential authors in innovation research.

Leading authors in innovation research for the period of time described from 1989 to 2013, research in innovation experienced significant growth that has led to the publishing of 36,644 articles in journals present in WoS.

Some leading authors in innovation research stand out in this discipline, not only because of the large number of publications that they develop but also because of their high influence on the rest of the researchers in the world.

Table 1 presents a ranking of 50 leading authors in innovation research, which are classified according to their h-index, which allows us to analyze their influence on other researchers.

Along with the h-index in innovation (HI) of each author, Table 1 shows more information such as the total number of publications in innovation (TPI) and the total number of citations in innovation (TCI).

In addition, indicators of an overall number of publications (TP), the total number of citations (TC), and the h-index (H) in all disciplines are also presented.

It is also possible to identify information about the university that each researcher is affiliated with, and the country that he or she comes from.