The national working group (teamwork) has been convened to examine the key principles that should anticipate the start of the second national football championship in Australia (second national division). The working group is made up of representatives from the Australian Football Federation (FFA), the Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC), Australian Professional Footballers (PFA), and member states of the FFA (Federation of Members) working hard during this time of covid.

The working group discussed and discussed a large number of different issues arising from the desire to create a second national sector, as highlighted in this white paper.

 The purpose of this document is to identify and summarize many of the key issues and to provide the necessary planning for the future, based on the perspectives of the teams involved. This does not want to clearly reflect the structure and function of the Second National Sector, but to connect the debates that have taken place and the major projects that have been undertaken.  The issues raised, as well as the recommendations contained in this white paper, should not be considered separately. Their goal was to read it based on the recommendations of the new staff and implement the FFA’s long-term strategic vision into the “All Football Plan”.