Transmedia well for those of you who don’t know about transmedia, let me clarify that when two different forms of media collaborate to make new content this content could be anything from movies, games, books, and series. 

Now for example when a series of books are converted into movies there is a deal made between the movie company and the book author before copying their book and all of these things come under transmedia.

Some other examples may be T-shirt brands making your favorite hero’s T-shirt they have to get a trademark of the same superhero franchise before printing their t-shirts. This is not an actual example of transmedia because here the deals are made for remaking the content into other forms of digital media such as movies, games, or anime.

Major Deals Made In Transmedia

1. Marvel

Everyone on the internet has come across Marvel, no matter it is through movies or the small interaction through memes while scrolling through your Instagram. And if you haven’t heard about Marvel before then voila you finally got to know about it through our post. But jokes apart Marvel has gained a lot of success since its beginning.

Marvel was started in 1939 but the company got successful in the early ’90s and the rest is history, many people believe marvel was founded by Stan Lee but the truth is it was founded by Martin Goodman and in 1962 Stan Lee joined the company. Stan Lee played a major role in Marvel as many of the superheroes that gained marvel popularity were made by him.

Stan Lee created iconic superheroes like Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow these were some of his popular heroes. Now all of these superheroes were first launched on their comics but today Marvel has its MCU (marvel cinematic universe) which has released some great hits like Avengers, Ironman Captain America, and many more.

We also find many games based on Marvel one of the big releases ever was the Marvels The Avengers, this game was released on multiple platforms like Play Station, Xbox, and PC. Also, this was one of the games which had a special version for Sony’s PS5. From games to clothes and many more marvel has one of the biggest transmedia deals in the World.

2. Pokemon

The anime of pokemon from the late 90s has made quite a progress in its journey compared to its beginning, the anime has made deals with many gaming companies to launch their games also this anime has its movie. Even today this anime has lots of fans these fans range from young kids to grown-up adults.

Some of the most famous pokemon transmedia deals would be the deal with Nintendo, where Nintendo has launched multiple video games of pokemon on its switch also pokemon’s brand ambassador was in a movie called Pokémon Detective Pikachu. 

Merge and many other types of deals have been signed by Pokemon all these small and big deals have made quite an impact. Other than these deals fans of these anime made games posters and websites, all these things made the pokemon kingdom even bigger.

3. DC

Similar to Marvel, DC has many of its superhero hits like Superman, Batman, and Wonderwomen. These are some of those superheroes that gave DC the name today it is known for. Even though DC was launched in 1939 it gained popularity in the late 90s.

Like Marvel, DC also turned many of its comics into movies but they couldn’t do it without help so they had a deal with Warner Bros, and this collaboration was one of the biggest collaborations in the industry. 

DC just didn’t stop at movies it released its cartoons and then later also games for their fans. All these deals were the small steps to make DC the brand it is today DC has many loyal fans and these fans can do anything for their favorite superhero.

So these were some of the iconic brands and their deals that made them what they are today.

Benefits of Transmedia

  1. One of the main benefits of Transmedia would be that it increases consumer participation in the brand-consumer can now interact with brand give them reviews and help them to make some changes if their consumers are not satisfied
  1. Variety is a major change if your consumer like your comics but doesn’t have the time to read them they can take the experience of it from its movies or if someone wants more interaction with the characters they could play a storyline or online video games to connect with the brand.
  1. Brand Experience is some of the few things which are quite hard to maintain but once gained it be your best tool to get loyal fans.
  1. Your message would be more clear and the doubts one has in their mind regarding your content would now be clear.


Transmedia is quite an effective way of transforming your media, so it could reach a wide variety of consumers, also enhance your customer experience and give them multiple choices for your content all these things work great as a marketing strategy.

But let’s not finish this here let us know in the comments what you think about transmedia and if we have missed any points correct us in the comments. Stay connected with us and follows us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.