The gap in the market between the expansion of independent content providers and the endorsement of IP brands by lesser video valuation theory.

Likewise, independent artists are the growing majority of the music market. User-designed content (UGC) has been a big hit when blocking things like TikTok and Roblox. A spokesperson for a leading brand has given the land to its stakeholders and even has a small impact on them.

The growth of content has led to a growing niche of content among the audience, finding a place that supports small content rather than looking for current channels that cannot be separated by popularity. This is a little too exaggerated: the long tail indicates an increase in the amount of material consumption, but the economic dimension of the very popular environment means that those who earn less money, in the long run, can support the economy. Access to democratic distribution systems may be limited, but access to effective funding has not been achieved.

Not all ROI values ​​are created equal

But with great potential – especially in the video – comes a small pool. Where MGM is now playing and will also be available for Amazon, the movie and movie library now has a few books. AT&T also reduced its losses by merging Warner and Discovery to compete with competitors; the number of content increases, but the number of players decreases.

While access to music or games is also limited to some service plans, there are differences in accessing some content between the two. In the video, however, the competition has gone a long way, which means that video consumers have to subscribe to multiple services to get the biggest difference, rather than being able to opt for a single subscription to view all the content, just like music. . cultural exhibitions and films.

In addition to the current competition for wealth, many new competitive video services are involved in remodeling and adapting classic movies and TV shows to test real audiences. This is a nice place for customer attention and the share of portfolios currently at stake as the lockdown is coming to an end and customers are losing 12% of their free time earned during the public turmoil.

What happened to the profit?

The benefits depend on scarcity. It is often a marketing tool. Start-ups are unique, so it’s rare: UGC as a whole has so many independent manufacturers making progress and engaging. The amount of attention is focused on forcing consumers to recognize the difference between digital entertainment and spending time finding what stands out and impresses them the most. Content creators interested in TikTok can generate more fandoms than any other show running with girls. The third issue of the 20-year franchise didn’t have the same benefits for fans as the first. Five Marvel movies in a year are no more fun than one in three.

Tech giants like Apple and Amazon may have the budget to fork out large sums and access rights, but, like inflation, the more exposed they are, the fewer benefits they hold. With high-tech products competing directly with UGC for customer attention, the diversity of the production budget looks positive. With very low ROI, due to the low-cost, high-quality subscription types and low ad targeting (coming soon), the longevity of many of these content and video combinations will rely on the latest drivers. , like Amazon’s multipurpose platform – and therefore risks being lost through ignorance. Meanwhile, verticals like Netflix will rely on creative and innovative content that will lead to giveaways.

Many will enjoy watching Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, the fourth season of Stranger Things from Netflix, and at least one of this year’s Marvel movies. Despite the world of easy access, UGC and smart switching – while making every effort to save the gate at a high cost, could eventually blow up expensive video entertainment – or, perhaps, fire off an antimicrobial pfft. .

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