Achievements of 2020-2021

2020-21 Women’s Champions League winner

2020 and 2021 Spanish Cup, Spanish Super Cup, and Spanish League

Nominated for Uefa Women’s Player of the Year

Caroline Graham Hansen In her own words

When you think about the last 12 months, what does it mean to be on the list?

“Hansen said I played a great game that makes it easy to do well. I’m happy to be part of a team that won everything last year even during Covid.

“I consider myself a good player, so if others think you are one of the best players, I’m happy to help the team positively.”

This is a unique award, the public votes for it so do it make it special and special?

“Hansen said I don’t think I’m the most popular player in the media and media in general, but in the end, it’s very nice to admit that I want a Barcelona player to win.”

You are not on a one-year ballon list, there is a lot of anger in social media about it, I think it shows how you have been feeling over the past 12 months?

“Hansen said I was happy last year but when you have fun, you always play well. For me individual gifts are not necessary, I will always sell them. For prizes and my team won them all last year to get others I passed them my strength.

“I appreciate all the players who have clear ideas and I appreciate their support. It’s nice to see that people think of me as a player and as a person.

“I have the honor and gratitude that they use their voices to support me, which means more than any gift.”

How can you be so proud to be at the forefront of women’s sports promotion?

“Hansen said If we’re in Barcelona,   and the way we work, to somehow promote women’s sport, I’m happy to hear that.

“We went there and showed ourselves, and we loved football, so if that makes people love our sport more as we do, it’s good to hear that.”

When you signed for Barcelona,   how did you feel they needed you and you were wearing the shirt?

“It was something special in the first place, but it wasn’t. The big club jerseys a lot of people wore, especially in women’s sports, you seemed to be a fan and you did.” It is a special time, because. When Barça wanted me, it was old-fashioned, we talked for almost two years. “

No Spanish team has won the Champions League in the women’s competition, Barça didn’t do it in the first place, so, are you part of history?

“It’s a common feeling that you have to overcome a lot of goals. It’s one thing to think and believe and one thing to do. It’s fantastic.

“This is history for all girls. I think it’s just two players who have won it in the past or something special to win it in the biggest clubs in the world. It’s an announcement and an important step and the right approach for the sport. women in Barcelona as a club.

“Throughout history, I have injured myself in the Champions League, and in the end, they are a great way to put an end to them and finally get a goal.

“Hansen said I need it. After the last two defenses [against Wolfsburg] and the injury, it was useful to make it in the end. I’m sure it will happen one day.”